You're Thinking About Tomatoes

By Michael Rosen and Cole Henley

A graphic novel adaptation of the fan favourite story!

Monday, 23 May 2022

We have books - and Graphics Brighton!

Hey all

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, patience and love for the book.

Really excited to report that the Tomatoes have landed!

This weekend we took receipt of Author copies of the book and it looks brilliant. Unbound did a great job of the print and colours.

Later this week me and Michael are heading to Unbound's top secret location (shhhh!) to sign and sketch in all your copies so you shouldn't have too much longer to wait!

Really looking forward to these arriving into your hands and I'm sure I speak for both me and Michael in hoping you enjoy the fruits of our labours!

Finally, if you are around Brighton this weekend (Friday 27th - Saturday 28th May) we will be talking about the book at Graphics Brighton, a conference on comic books for children and young adults. The event is for all ages and free but tickets are required. If you are interested in attending head over to to find out more. 

PS if you can't wait to receive your copy of the book I heard a rumour there might be some advance copies for sale at the event!

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