Your Life As I Knew It

By Anna Cosslett

The highs and lows of family life, as a mother pieces together the effects and possible causes of her son's fairly severe autism.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Newly changed after his fall in a river, Huw is tempted by more water....

'Stop, Huw! Oh, Nohhhh. Stop him!' Mum yells.

Huw is running round the fountain. The edge of the fountain is not very high. He can step up on it to jump in, but he is running round and round the fountain and it is hard to turn and jump.

'You go one way, I'll go the other,' shouts Lucy.

Then Mum and Lucy go different ways and they are both coming at Huw from each side and - Oh, no! They're nearly here! Huw must get in the water now. He's up on the wall and then he's in!

Swooooosh! Hmph rrrrrgh!! Everything has gone quiet. Huw is RIGHT UNDER THE WATER. It's really deep on the other side of the little wall. It's right over Huw's head. Wow! That was a surprise! Huw comes up to the sun and light and Lucy and Mum are looking at him with their mouths open. Then they start laughing.

'Oh, My God – Huw!' says Mum.

'Huwy baby!' says Lucy.

Mum has hold of Huw's wet jumper.

'Come on out of there,' she says.

She pulls him out. Huw can't stand the wet jumper. He pulls it off, and his tee shirt and his shorts and pants. Mum is trying to stop him.

'You're too big to go naked outside Huw,' Mum says. 'STOP.'

Huw will NOT wear wet clothes.

'Jesus, Huw, people are looking at you,' says Mum.

She wraps a towel round Huw's middle and puts her cardigan on him.

'That is SO not a good look,' Lucy says.

Huw is cold and wants the car. They all run and get in the car.

'At least it isn't April,' says Mum, when they are inside the car, 'like it was the first time he fell in the lake.'

'We do really need the car,' Lucy says. 'We could never take Huw on a bus looking like this.'

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