Your Life As I Knew It

By Anna Cosslett

The highs and lows of family life, as a mother pieces together the effects and possible causes of her son's fairly severe autism.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Huw wants to talk

Welcome to all of you who have recently supported my book, 'Your Life as I Knew it', about family life with Huw, and also to all of you who joined us earlier, and those who may be joining us shortly.  Thank you for helping with a publication very dear to my heart and which I believe ought to be available to everyone.  Near the beginning of the book, I have a strong altercation with a Speech Therapist which ends in shouting and tears.  I won't share that with you now, but this is an extract from later on, which shows just how much my son wanted, and still wants, to communicate:


The bus comes. Mrs. D. tells the driver that Huw has been awake all night since ten o'clock. She says he might fall asleep at school. Huw doesn't fall asleep at school. Mrs. Price says,

'You're as bright as a button – what on earth are you on?'

Huw goes to a picture on the wall.

'Planet,' says Mrs. Price. 'That's a planet.'

'Pran,' Huw says.

Mrs. Price writes in Huw's little book.

Mum looks at it when Huw gets home.

'Oh, dear,' she says. 'Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Poor Mrs. D. Did you only sleep for two and a half hours? Oh, well. I've had my night's sleep. That's all I need - I'll be OK for the next three months now.'

Huw takes Mum to a picture on the wall in his bedroom.

'Planet,' says Mum.

'Pran,' Huw says, 'Pran....pran.....pran-ej.'

'Brilliant!' says Mum. 'Well done – nearly there.'

The next day, Huw takes Mum to the picture again.

'Pianet,' he says, 'Pianet.'

'Wow Huw – WELL DONE.' says Mum, 'Well done, Huw! You've obviously been practising.'

Mum and Dad and Lucy are in the kitchen.

'Huw spent a whole day learning how to say 'planet' properly. When I said 'Well Done!' you should have seen his face,' Mum says. 'He was beaming, absolutely beaming. He really does want to talk.'

'Well done Huw,' says Lucy.

'Truckrot,' Huw says.

Lucy laughs.

'It was one of the first words he said,' she says. 'Come on little bruv, I've got some chocolate hidden upstairs. I think you deserve a reward.'

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