Your Friend Forever

By Zena Barrie

A novel in letters – from 12 year old Maud (and 42 year old Maud) to her favourite pop star

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Publication date

Hi all you lovely lot,
How are you getting on? Have any of you gone nuts yet? 

Today I am trying to teach my daughter about The Romans. What I have found is I only know two things about Romans. That they had powerful noses and they built nice straight roads. I didn't mention the nose thing to her though in case it's not PC but I have told her about the roads. 

I have been watching films about pandemics (Dustin Hoffman is quite short isn't he?) and reading lots about Typhoid Mary. A cook who was a carrier of typhoid who wasn't the best at washing her hands. 

Bad news
Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic is affecting every industry including publishing. This means that Unbound has made the difficult decision to push some of their titles back to give them the best possible chance in the marketplace. So the news is that the publication date of my book has had to be pushed back to 15th April 2021.
Gutting... but in the grand scheme of things, I think we can all cope with this news.

The good news is I've finally worked out what i want to write next, so I will try and crack on with some of that whilst teaching my super in depth history lessons and also media studies (research into the films of Colin Firth)

Hope you're all safe and well.

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