Your Friend Forever

By Zena Barrie

A novel in letters – from 12 year old Maud (and 42 year old Maud) to her favourite pop star

Monday, 29 March 2021

Gold sequin trousers

Hi all,

Hope you're all doing ok and that you're not reading this from a hospital bed. 

It's now 1 month until my book is finally out, Covid put it back first and then Brexit... what a pile of crap.

A few people have asked me about a launch and the thing is, I bought a pair of gold sequinned trousers, because that's what writers wear isn't it? So I hope to be able to wear them soon at a launch party. I did think about doing something on zoom but I'd much rather wait until I can see people in the flesh. 

If all goes to plan (and when has that ever happned) we should be allowed gatherings of 30 people outdoors. So if it looks like this will happen I will plan an 'event' (piss up in sequin trousers) in my garden for 30 people. If more than 30 of you want to come I will do another 'event'. 

Anyway I will plan it nearer the time, I'm not sure I can get in the trousers at the moment but that will be something to work towards. And if I do get into them there's a good chance one of you will need to cut me out of them by the end of the evening. Something to look forward to!

Lots of love and hope to be able to squeeze lots of you soon. 



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Lucy Titley
 Lucy Titley says:

Looking forward to squeezing you too! ❤️

posted 29th March 2021

Kathryn Ratzko
 Kathryn Ratzko says:

Much better to wait and see everyone in the flesh so as to speak. If you mean literally, that would be a whole different kind of event!

posted 29th March 2021

Marina Castledine
 Marina Castledine says:

I cant wait. I'll wear my light up trainers and we can be a glitter ball together. Oh and WELL DONE for doing any writing at all frankly x

posted 29th March 2021

Lizzie Roper
 Lizzie Roper says:

im a long way from your back garden but with you in sequin spirit! much love lizzie x

posted 1st April 2021

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