Your Friend Forever

By Zena Barrie

A novel in letters – from 12 year old Maud (and 42 year old Maud) to her favourite pop star

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Cover Reveal!

Hi all, here's a lovely bit of joy amongst this wasteland of corona virus life ruining shit we all find ourselves in. My book cover! 

It was designed by Mecob Design who have designed loads of ace covers including one for top hotty Barack Obama.

So a big THANKYOU to you all for all your support so far. The publishing date is still set for 15th April 2021 so there's still a while to wait but hopefully you can cope with this.

Lots of love. xxZena


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Paul Putner
 Paul Putner says:

Looking forward to this greatly!

posted 25th June 2020

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