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A freewheeling treatise on art, punk rock, business studies, existential despair and how economics can help us to do everything ourselves and survive the information age

Digital / Sold out

Paperback / Sold out

Digital Complete Edition (No Shipping Charges) / Sold out

Complete Edition / Sold out

Audiobook Complete Digital Edition (No Shipping Charges) / Sold out

Audiobook Complete Edition / Sold out

New Art Edition / Sold out

Catch Up Edition / Sold out

Completist Edition / Sold out

Participator Edition / Sold out

+ 40p per mile from Brighton - Super Special Lecture Edition / Sold out

+ 40p per mile from Brighton - Super Special Album Edition / Sold out

Total Perspective Vortex Edition / Sold out

Financial Submissives Edition / Sold out

How To Sell It Anyway Consultation / Sold out

My Dignity Edition / Sold out

Corporate Edition / Sold out

Total Sell Out Edition / Sold out

Leave Me Alone, I Am Sick of Hearing About Your Stupid Crowdfunding Campaign Edition / Sold out