You Are What You Read

By Jodie Jackson

Why changing your media diet can change the world

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What a start! Just 1 day in, and we're almost halfway!

Wow, wow, wow! I’d hoped I would be able to write to you with some (fittingly) good news after the first day of campaigning, but I could not have imagined this! Thanks to you pioneering backers, we managed to smash through 45% of the target in the first 24 hours. Together, you’ve pledged over £5,000 towards the first print run! This is beyond my wildest expectations and I can only say a heartfelt thank you to you all!

What anyone who’s ever crowdfunded will probably recognise is that nervous feeling you have when you see the total on £0, without knowing if and when it might start moving up. There are of course some lovely friends and family who ensure you they’ll support, but when pledges start streaming in, literally from all around the country and even different corners of the globe, it is an unbelievable feeling. Former colleagues, university friends, people I haven’t spoken to in years, and even some I’ve never met: more than 60 of you pledged on the first day and got us off to a flying start. You are all amazing.

Within hours, You Are What You Read was trending on the Unbound publishing site. Just as it felt like things were quieting down a little at the end of the working day in the UK, pre-orders and endorsement tweets started to roll in from the US, where the day had just begun.

We had people pledging on every reward level, ordering signed hardback copies as well as book bundles to share with colleagues, books personalised with poetry, masterclasses and more. As some rewards are limited, it’s worth securing them sooner rather than later – please do share the link with anyone who might be interested too.

Here are some amazing endorsements we received on the first day:

Steven Pinker, cognitive scientist at Harvard, renowned author of books about progress and my personal idol, tweeted his support to his 400,000 followers:

Action for Happiness shared this with more than 100,000 followers:

Many of you early adopters have asked if there is anything beyond pledging they can do. There are two things that would be amazing:

  • SHARE! If you can share the campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, that would be amazing. Here are some sample messages to share, but feel free to make your own, using the hashtag #YouAreWhatYouRead. We can already start seeing some pledges coming through via links shared on social media, so it really does work.

"This is not a call to ignore the negative, but rather, to not ignore the positive." @jacksonJodie21 wrote a book outlining how we can change our media diet. I pledged to bring it to life by supporting the crowdfunder here, and you can too: #YouAreWhatYouRead

  • TIP A FRIEND! As we’re now so close to the halfway point, it’s incredible to think what we’ll be able to do together to make this book a reality. If everyone who pledged so far would get just one friend or colleague to pledge too, we would literally almost be there! We know that personal emails are by far the most successful way to get more people on board. If you can, please tell one person in your network about the book and ask them to check out the page.



As you might be aware, this is an ‘all or nothing’ campaign, which means we need to secure £11,646 by the closing date of 20th April. We’ve got just five weeks to go all the way.

Thank you for believing in the project from day 1. Your support strengthens my hope and belief that together, we can get to the finish line in time!


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Danielle Batist
 Danielle Batist says:

After several years of helping journalists and media industry leaders adopt constructive journalism into their daily practices, it is so encouraging to see the consumer revolution for more balanced news gain momentum too. Many organisations have sprung up to promote this work in recent years, academics and thought leaders are bringing important evidence to the debate. How brilliant to see many of them come together to support this book. Together, we can make a real difference, and the more copies of this book get printed, the more people will be aware of that. Well done Jodie for playing your part in this - I know how much hard work and spare time has been dedicated to this over the years. 'You Are What You Read' is a true labour of love, and it certainly deserves the support it's been given in the first day alone. Now let's get to 100%!

posted 13th March 2018

Nicola Slawson
 Nicola Slawson says:

Yes Jodie! 45% in one day. You're smashing it. I knew you would. I will continue to spread the word. Sending lots of love and luck Xx

posted 13th March 2018

Jodie Jackson
 Jodie Jackson says:

Thank you!! It has been such a pleasure to have almost started my journey into solutions news with both of you amazing ladies! It is so encouraging to see us all still in the same boat today. This book really is a team effort of everyone I have had the pleasure to work alongside, be inspired by, and learn from over the last 7 years. Thank you so much for your unwavering support! It is incredible to have so many more supporters, even on day one, join the team! Thank you to everyone who has pledged to make this book happen! xx

posted 13th March 2018

Lottie Mew
 Lottie Mew says:

I hope this marks the beginning of an important dialogue on the impact of the mediums from which we learn about the world. Congratulations Jodie, what an inspiration to us all. It's very easy to complain about things that are wrong in the world, it's not so easy to do something about it. Thank you for igniting the belief that we can all get up and join the fight for things we truly believe in. I cannot wait to read this book and will be following its journey over the finish line!

posted 15th March 2018

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