You Are What You Read

By Jodie Jackson

Why changing your media diet can change the world

Monday, 19 March 2018

One week in and two-thirds of the way there!

If anyone had told me we’d reach two-thirds of our funding target within the first week, I would not have believed them – yet here we are! Thank you so much to all 130 of you for supporting me right from the start. It means so much to me to have so many of you on board! It’s given the campaign such flying start and it is making a real difference!

At the same time of course, I am realistic about the job ahead: we still have £3,800 to raise, which means we need to reach and convince another 100 to 150 people to pre-order the book. I hope your early pledges will inspire others to join, so if you know of any friend or colleague who might be interested, I would be so grateful if you could share the link to the campaign page with them. Personal recommendations are by far the best chance of getting people on board, so a massive thank you beforehand for your help with this.

It has been a very busy first week, with lots of conversations with early supporters and also various media appearances. Here are some highlights:

On Wednesday, we featured on the world’s oldest constructive journalism publication Positive News. The story explains why the negativity bias in the news is causing social harm, but also explains how journalism can change, and news consumers have the power to help make this happen. Read the full story here

On Thursday, I had a guest post published on Psychologies Magazine, which concluded that “sometimes, we really do need to see it to believe it”. 

And I was invited to do a Facebook Live performance on Psychologies Magazine’s Facebook page too. It’s 16 minutes long and you can watch the video back right here.

Meanwhile, lots of you are showing your support via the twitter hashtag #YouAreWhatYouRead too – please keep spreading the word by sharing the page via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and emails to friends or colleagues: you are by far the best ambassadors I could hope for, and it really does make a difference to have you on board.

Yusuf Omar wrote on Twitter, “Jodie Jackson inspired us to focus on constructive journalism and solutions storytelling.”

Caroline Jaine wrote: I get asked to support a lot of things - but #YouAreWhatYouRead by Jodie Jackson is totally what I'm about! Pledged and paid!”

And the Constructive Voices project by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) recommended the book to its network: "For every problem, there is someone, somewhere, trying to do something about it" says Jodie Jackson in new book #YouAreWhatYouRead. Will resonate with #charities #socents #innovators who are generating solutions.”

I’ll leave you with some lovely words from Lottie Mew, who left a heart-warming comment on my previous backers update (please do add your own comment below this post, I’d love to hear why you chose to support the book and your words mean a lot to me!).

“I hope this marks the beginning of an important dialogue on the impact of the mediums from which we learn about the world. It's very easy to complain about things that are wrong in the world, it's not so easy to do something about it. Thank you for igniting the belief that we can all get up and join the fight for things we truly believe in. I cannot wait to read this book and will be following its journey over the finish line!”


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