You Are What You Read

By Jodie Jackson

Why changing your media diet can change the world

Monday, 9 April 2018

And We're Away! The manuscript was handed over this morning!

I so am happy to let you know that our book is one step closer to becoming a reality! I have handed over our book to Unbound this morning and they will begin to work their magic to help get it from my hands to yours! They will be giving us an expected publication date soon so stay tuned!

Whilst scribbling away at the last edits of my book, the team supporting it continues to grow in the most wonderful way! Thank you to everyone who has recently joined our movement for a more constructive media! Your support and presence is re-affirming and it gives me an enormous amount of excitement to be able to share this project with you! 

It was magnigicent to recieve the support from one of my favourite organisations, Gapminder. Their data driven evidence for human progress has been a huge inspiration to my book and it was wonderful to have thier founders Ola & Anna Rosling pledge their support for "You Are What You Read".



All of your growing support has helped us gain interest online since the last update. Becuase all of you wonderful people pledged your support so quickly, our campaign attracted the attention of the news industry trade press They have also invited me to speak on their Constructive Jornalism Panel at their News Rewired event on the 11th July this year. 


I also sat down for an interview with Impossible, who ran a Q&A with me to find out why I wrote "You Are What You Read" and to find out why so many people have supported its message.


So what now?

Now we begin production! I will be advised on an expected publication date and, of course, you will all be the first people that I will share this news with. We will then work backwards from that date to ensure that the book is in the best possible shape it can be before it reaches you. 

Pre-order Stays Open

The most important message to keep spreading is that this book is now available for pre-order. And those that pledge at this stage, will still be listed in the supporters section of the book! This is not about turning a profit for me as this project is, and has always been, a labour of love. But if we want to see change take place, we need to get this into the hands as many people as possible and get as many supporters on board at this stage to become a part of this book and its message too.

If you have anyone that you know of that may wish to join our movement for a more constructive media, please share this with them!

I am so grateful to have all of you with me on this journey! You have no idea how much energy it gives me! 

Thank you and stay tuned!

Jodie x



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