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You Are What You Read

By Jodie Jackson

Why changing your media diet can change the world

You made You Are What You Read a reality. It's available in all good book stores now.
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An ebook edition
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Special edition hardback

First edition hardback, and the e-book
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Signed first edition hardback, plus the e-book
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Pay it forward

Two signed, special edition hardbacks - one for you and one for a friend - plus the ebook and your name in the back
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Handwritten dedication

A first-edition hardback with a handwritten, special message. Plus your name in the back of the book, and the ebook.
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Book bundle

Ten signed, special edition hardbacks (shipped together) to give to your staff or family. Plus the ebook and your name in the back of the book.
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Media mentoring

An hour private coaching Skype session in which Jodie will teach you to apply the principles of positive psychology to change your information diet for good. Plus everything at the Collectable level.
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Personalised with poetry

My book journey started with a poem I wrote, called 'Publishing the Positive'. In return for your generosity in making this book happen, I will dedicate your book with a personalised, handwritten, 'good news' poem for you or a loved one. Plus everything at the Collectable level.
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During this one-hour exclusive masterclass at your organisation or offices, I share fascinating insights from my research and lead participants to re-consider the news as they know it. Plus everything at the Collectable level.
Includes a signed, special edition copy for up to 20 people
Within five miles of Central London, or by Skype
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If this is a topic close to your heart and you are passionate about seeing this book come to life, please make an extraordinary, generous pledge. You will receive 40 signed hardback copies (shipped together) to share with family or colleagues, and get a special mention at the top of the supporters list at the back of the book. Includes everything at the Collectable level.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The book is sold out on the Unbound website, where can I buy a copy?

You can order a copy from most good bookshops. We recommend using as this helps you support your local bookstore.

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