By Alex Rawlings

Wulfaert is a story of redemption in a time of war, a tale of sacrifice and courage against all odds and a journey to the heart of the human soul.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Still Going!

Dear Wulfaert Supporters,



image: Inside Montsegur by Arkuma


I know you have not heard from me for a while. I can reassure you that although crowdfunding for Wulfaert has been painfully slow, I am still going and pledges are still coming in. 

Working full time, editing my second novel, Merlin's Mother and writing my third, The Dragon's Gift, has made sure that my life has been very full. 

I would like to thank the following very generous supporters for their recent pledges. I am very, very grateful: 

Helen Higham

Susan Shooter

Richard Dobell

Karen Attwood

Julie Warren

Doortje Van Hove

Tabatha Stirling

Eli Allison


For those of you that have pledged recently, you are still able to access the free download of the EP  "Music and Meditations from the Grail Path". Just follow the link to discover more about this offer.


Best wishes, Alex


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margaret brown
 margaret brown says:

Hi Alex
thanks for the update and well done for your determination and patience. Good to know that you are writing the third book - I do a lot of work with Dragon energy, so intrigued by the title........
much love

posted 10th August 2018

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