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By Dan Brotzel, Martin Jenkins, Alex Woolf

A farcical novel-in-emails about an eccentric writers group. They've all got a book in them, unfortunately.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Kitten on a Fatberg hits 30%! Thank you so much

We are delighted to announce that funding for the launch of Kitten on a Fatberg has now hit the 30% mark! We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has pledged or helped to spread the word -- this is all your doing, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Many of you don’t know each other, of course, so we thought it might be interesting to introduce a few of our amazing supporters…

As chair of our local park group, and tennis club, and in lots of other ways, Keith Weller does a huge amount for our local community and environment -- and all of it time given voluntarily.  

Brad Feld is best known as an expert in the world of tech startups, entrepreneurship and venture capital investing. But he is also an obsessive reader, who regularly champions new books and authors in his excellent email newsletters. As well as writing several books himself, he keeps a list of his prolific reading activity here. Thanks so much for your support Brad!  

Craig ‘CM’ Taylor is the author of the darkly hilarious Premiership Psycho novels -- once read never forgotten -- and most recently Staying On, a moving family comedy-drama set among expats in Spain. Every single keystroke of the writing of this book over 4 years was digitally recorded in a unique British Library experiment.

After a career as an expert in digital accessibility and online communities, Julie Howell has since become the first-ever Green Party City Councillor in Peterborough. Go Julie!

Emile and Anita Woolf (as well as giving birth to one of the co-authors of Kitten on a Fatberg), are also co-founders of the charity Maxability, which aims to enhance the lives of disabled adults in the London Borough of Barnet. They were inspired to set up the charity because of the difficulties experienced by their deaf and disabled son (Alex’s brother) Carl.

Thanks again to all of you -- and to everyone -- for your pledges! We’ll feature some more supporters next time.

Martin, Alex and Dan

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