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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Hitting the big six-oh: Blue and Jon pay tribute

Both in their different ways rather underwhelmed/disgusted by Peter's recent effort to commemorate our 60% milestone, two more of the charcters from Kitten on a Fatberg have put pen to paper to mark the moment.

Blue, our resident poet, has naturally turned to typically upbeat verse, while Jon, our resident conspiracy theorist, sees through to the 'true' meaning of the number...


Sixty is a diamond wedding anniversary.
There are not enough years left for me
To make up that many years of company
even if I met Mr Right tomorrow.
Maybe our eyes will meet over
the counter of the charity shop
as he hands me a battered book or a tank top
and we will feel a quiet thrill
as I say, 'that will be
one ninetynine, please.'
Happy couples sit in swan-shaped
boats and head off for the Tunnel of Love;
a single swan remains, bobbing amongst
the crisp wrappers and lager cans,
discoloured and with one wing off.
That is my love boat.
A heads up and word to the wise.
60 in kabbalistic gematria is equivalent to 'magick' (the Crowley spelling with a k) and a clear reference to the coming Age of Horus announced by that Mage in his Book of the Law.
Now look at the Eye of Horus, hieroglyphic symbol of the god - it is a classic 'flying saucer' shape. The obvious implication is that the Age of Horus is also the Aeon of the UFO revelation and the extraterrestrial wisdom they bring.
60 - a key to the secret cypher of the Men in Black.

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