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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

As those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed, I haven't been campaigning very hard to fund 'Next Next Big Thing' over the last month or so. The reason for this is my partner and I have been busy welcoming our first child, a beautiful little boy named Dylan, into the world – our own Next Big Thing, if you will.

Grappling with the demands of parenthood –- so much poo! – and just getting to know our little son has taken up most of my free time of late but I am now getting back to finishing the book and promoting its funding campaign.

I'm delighted that the excellent website Football365 are serialising 'Next Next Big Thing', carrying five extensive extracts from the book over the coming days and weeks, helping put more eyes on the funding campaign and giving everyone a sneak peek at the book itself.

The first extract, taken from the chapter on former Manchester United 'Class of 92' star Ben Thornley, can be read here:

Thanks again to everyone who has backed the project so far. You won't be disappointed.



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