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Wednesday, 16 August 2023

In the flesh - a real book

Dear friends 

I came home on Sunday to a parcel that I couldn't place. It was only as I opened it I remembered that Unbound had been in touch recently to tell me the first copies of Women Who Won had been printed and sent out to me.

It's a giddy feeling holding a book that you've spent so many hours working to produce. It's over four years since the project began and there has been a world changing pandemic and democracy in the global north has felt more fragile than it has ever been in my lifetime. More than ever we need diversity of every kind in politics and it felt good to hold a book that celebrates those who were previously excluded from participation only 100 years ago or less.

Now I have a copy of the book it means you will too very shortly! Official publication day is on 7th September and therefore copies will be going out to you all very soon. Unbound will update your further and I'll be in touch again to keep you in loop on life after publication.

Thanks as ever for your support. We did it.



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Michelle Jackson
 Michelle Jackson says:

Amazing news!! Congratulations!!

posted 17th August 2023

Joelle Owusu
 Joelle Owusu says:

How exciting! Massive congratulations, Ros. What a journey! I can’t wait to hold my copy in my hands x

posted 17th August 2023

Deb Waters
 Deb Waters says:

What an amazing feeling that must be! So proud and happy for you Ros, a great achievement. Let me know when the launch party is! xx

posted 17th August 2023

Jonathan Littlemore
 Jonathan Littlemore says:

Looking forward to reading the book and then passing it over to my 14 year old daughter for her to read.

posted 17th August 2023

Alexandra Hughes-Johnson
 Alexandra Hughes-Johnson says:

Congratulations Ros! What a wonderful achievement.

posted 17th August 2023

Helen Corbett
 Helen Corbett says:

Congratulations Ros. It must feel amazing to finally have it in your hands. Will there be a sequel??!

posted 17th August 2023

Naomi Purkiss Boutique
 Naomi Purkiss Boutique says:

Fantastic news Ros, congratulations! Looking forward to getting my copy

posted 17th August 2023

Angela Watts
 Angela Watts says:

Yassssssss!!!!! So so pleased for you my dear, this is such an achievement. Cannot wait for that package to land on the doorstep xxxx

posted 17th August 2023

Lisa Keane Elliott
 Lisa Keane Elliott says:

CONGRATULATIONS! So looking forward to reading it!

posted 17th August 2023

Dianne Bateman
 Dianne Bateman says:

Many congratulations. Looking forward to getting a copy and settling down for a darn fine read. Well done x

posted 17th August 2023

Catherine Nicholls
 Catherine Nicholls says:

Congratulations! It has been such a long time coming, looking forward to it landing on the doorstep!

posted 17th August 2023

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