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By Katharine Norbury

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Friday, 27 November 2020

We have a cover!

I know this must come as 'blast from the past' as it is two years since you helped make Women On Nature a reality. Huge thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the book.

I have learned the hard way that an inordinate amount of work goes into creating an anthology! 

During the summer - as for so many folk - my regular work evaporated and I had the good fortune to stay at the RSPB's site at Haweswater (many thanks to site manager Lee Schofield for making this possible) while the regular staff and volunteers were away. This gave me the opportunity to undertake the [frankly enormous] task of bringing the physical book to completion, and my thanks go to all the contributors and literary executors who have helped get the pieces to work as a whole through this quite tough editing process.

Publication will be in May, with a beautiful hardback editon available to Unbound subscribers. There is still time to pre-order this lovely first imprint with supporters' names included in the back! Today I have great pleasure in revealing Holly Ovenden's stunning cover. The black-and-white pen-and-ink image shows snakeshead fritillaries (inspired by Vita Scakville West's 'The Land' and beloved by Dorothy Wellesley) and a zingy suffragette lilac typeface.

Today being Black Friday there is a 25% discount available until midnight today with the code BOOKFRIDAY2020. Take a look at the pledges available here: https://unbound.com/books/women-on-nature/

With warmest wishes, Kate


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Doris Stubbs
 Doris Stubbs says:

Love the cover. Thank you for information I had given up hope on this as no news on Unbound posts. I think I ordered a copy or did I just support the production of it? Please could you check for me and text me re. situation. I would like 2 copies.

posted 27th November 2020

Heather Jones
 Heather Jones says:

I just checked and it seems that I have ordered two copies, with a gap of several months between the orders. Looks as though someone will be getting a lovely gift next year!

posted 27th November 2020

Jacqueline Calladine
 Jacqueline Calladine says:

I had completely forgotten about this! Glad you’re finally publishing and look forward to receiving my copy

posted 28th November 2020

Katharine Norbury
 Katharine Norbury says:

Thank you to everyone for your support for this project and your patience over what has been almost three years and a huge task. Please refer to support@unbound.co.uk if you need to chase up/check on your order or can't remember (given how long ago it is!) what you ordered, or any other technical queries about the purchase/delivery process, including application of time sensitive discounts.

posted 8th January 2021

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