Wolf Trap

By Alan Hescott

Two agents – one in England, one in Germany; both against Hitler – both determined to save him. Why?

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Wolf Trap

SAVING HITLER will be published in March 2020, but it will have a new title; WOLF TRAP. I am learning the ways of a new industry – the name of a real historical figure in the title suggests the book is a work of non-fiction. So, a story I have lived with for five years now has a new name. It’s as if a child on its first day at school is given a fresh identity, but I understand why and I will get used to it.

The edit is now complete and that was a good experience. It was positive and creative thanks to the editor Russel D Mclean. His input and observations were precise and insightful – and why not; he’s a great crime novelist. Now we’re on to cover design and I have no ideas except I’d like to avoid the wispy covers to suggest mystery that espionage thrillers often have. I want something bold and strong, but because design is not my strong point, I will trust the professionals. Then I will run the suggestions past the Hescott wives; Sue, Lucy, and Dean. They chose the new title for me and I’m sure they’ll have strong feelings on cover design. You know what they say – ‘it takes an author to write a book, but it takes a village to publish it.’ Now the story is being copy-edited for tip-toes, smelling, and bad grandma. 

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