Wolf Trap

By Alan Hescott

Two agents – one in England, one in Germany; both against Hitler – both determined to save him. Why?

Friday, 20 November 2020

Shared World

Update on Wolf Trap’s launch party: I have done my best to cope with this new world of the virus, but now I have to confess to being totally zoomed out. So, for those of you who generously pledged for the launch party can I ask you to hang on for a little bit longer? When it’s safe for us all to meet again I’d like to hold a book party at the Union Club in Soho. I want us to be able to get together without fear of being arrested. Forgive me but I have waited so long to have a novel published I don’t want to celebrate electronically. 

Christmas is coming and Wolf Trap might be just the book a friend or relative might enjoym and If you’ve read the book and perhaps enjoyed it please consider writing a short review on Amazon and on Goodreads. Those reviews make a difference, so thank you to everyone who has done so already.

I have had some great feedback and I was especially moved to receive compliments from friends in the LGBTQ+ community. They tell me they enjoyed following the story of the Lesbian couple in Wolf Trap. They were delighted to find in a WW2 thriller ‘People like us!’ I remember how that felt on my own journey when my drama teacher gave me a copy of ‘Chicken soup with Barley’ by Arnold Wesker. The story of the working-class London family made my hair stand on end. It was a play about me. We all need to find ourself in a story otherwise there is a distance in the experience, a lack of connection. As a writer I want to be inclusive but this can be a problem. How much of another culture can I use before it becomes theft, cultural appropriation? I can trespass but I can’t burgle. 

WW2 was a shared world. To give a true picture of this colossal event I have to have gay characters, and people other than Europeans. It was a world war, and a meeting ground where people were plucked out of their homes and communities. A time when strangers from strange places became closer than family. A huge terrible shared experience. To tell this story without diversity is not to tell the story at all. Including those who are absent in the Hollywood movies is not trying to be politically correct, it is simply the storyteller trying to be accurate.

Thank you again to everyone who has read the book. Do let me know what you thought, do leave a review in all the usual places, and do consider buying a copy of the book for a loved one this Christmas.

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