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Wolf Trap

By Alan Hescott

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Two agents – one in England, one in Germany; both against Hitler – both determined to save him. Why?

Publication date: July 2020
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1944, The German generals have tried and failed to kill the Fuhrer. Disappointment in London is slowly replaced by relief in some quarters, as realisation dawns that without Hitler Germany could still win the war. Major Jago Craze, commanding officer of the Special Operations team charged with assassinating Hitler, changes his order to his agents on Obersalzberg, from killing the beast, to protecting him from his own turncoats. Britain is divided and many would welcome an alliance with a Prussianised Germany as an ally against Soviet Russia.

Elements at MI6 and a shadowy British fascist group, The Link [that really existed], want Hitler dead to help the formation of a Nordic alliance. They declare ‘war’ on Jago and he is vulnerable, not just to their threats on his life, but because he is homosexual and fears the British police in the same fashion that Gabriel Zobel, Jago’s agent on Obersalzberg, fears the Gestapo.

Gabriel is a Swiss soldier of fortune who has served in the Condor Legion fighting for Franco in Spain, and the Nord Division of the S.S. fighting the Russians above the Arctic Circle. He is a decorated war hero of the Reich. Wounded twice, he now commands the Fuhrer’s close bodyguard, known colloquially as the Old Hares. Ironically, he is also a British agent. Jago and Gabriel, so different in many ways, have one thing in common: they are both in love for the first time and this puts them both in danger.

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