Wokelore - The Johnson Culture Wars & Other Stories

By Hardeep Matharu

Thirty essays by contributors to the Byline Times that uncover the truths nobody else wants to tell

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Revealed! It's Here. Our New Cover

Dear all,

As publication looms for the book What the Papers Don't Say with its new title WOKE LORE - Boris Johnson's Culture War and Other Stories which contains all of our best long reads of the first two years Byline Times we're proud to reveal its cover

Please do share on social media with a link to our project for people who want their names in the print edition crediting the book's editor @Hardeep_Matharu from @BylineTimes @unbounders art director Mark Ecob (@mecobtweets) and the designer Steve Leard (@SteveLeard)




Peter Jukes - Byline 

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John Hawley
 John Hawley says:

Still waiting for the other book, what the papers don’t say

posted 28th September 2021

Peter Jukes
 Peter Jukes says:

John - it's the same book. We decided because of the publishing timeline to include two years of our best long reads, and this is the final title we can up with given how the articles read together

posted 28th September 2021

David Jennings
 David Jennings says:

Having pledged under the original title, I'm pretty disappointed to be saddled with this title and cover, both of which I find off-putting. I imagined something that was going to get behind the facade and tell us what's really going on, not just another tilt at the boring old Trump/Bojo windmills.

posted 28th September 2021

Ross Mackenzie
 Ross Mackenzie says:

Another book about Trump & Johnson… not sure that was what I signed up for…

posted 28th September 2021

Jane Trobridge
 Jane Trobridge says:

Guys, the title may have changed but the content remains the same by the look of it.
"Wokelore is a thought-provoking collection of articles, essays and stories you won’t find anywhere else in the mainstream media. From the new independent and fearless newspaper, Byline Times, it will transport you from 1970s Europe to Putin’s Russia, from the days of empire in Kenya to Brexit Britain, shedding light on Trump’s America and exposing the UK’s disastrous handling of COVID-19. It will cover race, identity, disinformation, populism, journalism in crisis, threats to our democracy and more – each piece offering a fresh take and new ideas."

posted 28th September 2021

Fozia Khanam
 Fozia Khanam says:

People, it's all of the above and more, despite what the cover looks like - though it looks pretty good. This book might not have been published at all, but for the Byline Times and Unbound, and it's important to support it in any way required. (I like the original cover, too, and wait for another book as the cover?) The articles need to be out there, as a matter of public record, and possibly an introduction for those who are not too aware. Onwards.

posted 29th September 2021

Peter Jukes
 Peter Jukes says:

Dear David and Ross

The book hasn't changed since you pledged. It still is the best of our long reads covering everything from Covid, to Climate Change to Russian Interference and the legacy of Empire. The only difference is that, while selecting the dozens of long reads that make up the book, one theme began to emerge - populism and kleptocracy. The cover merely highlights the top lines of the narrative, and stuff we were saying about Cambridge Analytica, Trump, dark transatlantic money and racism right from the inception of Byline Times

posted 29th September 2021

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