Wild Folk: Tales from the Stones

By Jackie Morris and Tamsin Abbott

An exquisite collection of shape-shifting tales from two magical artist-storytellers.

Thursday, 12 January 2023


When you begin to work on an idea you are never sure where the spring of creativity will take you, if the force of the thing you wish to make will grow, or if it will sink back into the earth to resurface somewhere else. It can be a lonely process, but it can also become something that is a collaborative process, meetings of minds and joining of ideas and craftsmanship. 

Wild Folk began in Northmoor House, on Exmoor, where a group of us had gathered to spend time working, and evenings meeting up for delicious food, wine and talk. The gathering at Northmoor grew out of The Unwinding, my first book with Unbound ( it's Jackie here writing, after a few perfect days in Pembrokeshire, as Tamsing drives back home to Herefordshire) When The Unwinding was completed, published, together with Seven Fables, we had planned to have a retreat/sleepover in a big house, for a couple of days, where, in the evenings, I would read. And one of the days we would work in our Silent Unwindings, writing, painting.Everything was cancelled, rescheduled, moved to a different location and just when we thought everything was good to go there was one last lockdown.......so we had to cancel. But, because people could gather for work, Seven Fables and I got together ( tested, bubbled, all that kind of thing). We made films, drew, painted, rattled around in the great big house and loveld it so much, got so much work done, we decided to hire the place again and invite other makers connected with Seven Fables the following year. Among those folk was Tamsin Abbott and John Mitchinson. And during conversations about folk tales, stained glass, art, illustration Wild Folk was born. 

Some of you will know that we chose to launch the campaign for the book at moonrise of the Wolf Moon in the UK. This is a curious time in publishing, just after Christmas, everything quiet, not so many books shouting for attention. It seemed important to both Tamsin and myself that the book followed the moon's path. These are stories that sing of the land and the river, the sea and the sky. They are a way of touching the earth, reaching beyond the self, shape-shifting, listening to the songs of the stones, of the trees, the language of leaf, stream, the movement of birds. The response to our ideas has been amazing and this first post is to welcome all of you who have supported our book and who are, through that support, making our dreams a reality. 

We hope that over the next few months we will keep you updated regularly with our progress. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Chris and Davina at Seven Fables for making the very beautiful film that heads our campain, and to Dougal who crafted the soundscape. Tamsin will show glimpses of the progress of the illustration. I will, perhaps, share odd bits of the writing, talk about the process. There will be some updates that are public, some for subscribers only. 

These past couple of days have been a little magic. We've walked up the hill, on the beach, collected a few stones, shared food, talked about the shape of the stories and marvelled at the speed of the funding as it neared 100%.

So, thank you all, for your belief in us. We will do our best to make something that will delight the soul. 

In the photo above, to the left of my computer, you can see a card by Tamsin. I would like to send this, and a few small things from my studio, to one of you, as a thank you. It would be lovely to hear about you, the Wild Folk community, where you are in the world at the moment, how the weather is with you, just say hi.....so, leave a comment to this post to introduce yourselves, and in about two or three weeks I will pick out a name and contact you to get address to send a small parcel, of cards and things....

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Emma Lobb
 Emma Lobb says:

Hi, I live in the next village along from the Seven Fables shop in Dulverton. I knew of you, Jackie, as I'm a big Johnny Flynn fan and through his album with Robert Macfarlane I fell down the rabbit hole and came across the Spell Songs/Lost Words. Been in Seven Fables a couple of times and bought art/books/notebooks...a clock. Such a lovely shop. Wanted one of Tamsin's pieces but never got one, so when I saw this book I thought I'd better support it!

posted 12th January 2023

Teryn Murray
 Teryn Murray says:

Hello. I live in a (very) small town in Texas. I've been enchanted by your words and art, Jackie, for several years. I've also followed and loved Tamsin's work, though I don't own any, sadly. Yet! This book is such a magical combination of both of your work, and I am so excited to support and experience it!

posted 12th January 2023

oileàn mara
 oileàn mara says:

i love these little glimpses into your ongoing burbling creative adventures. Sitting inside in upstate New York on traditional, unceded lands of the Haudenosaunee, with three layers, hat, scarf and wooly socks on as its a proper draugy day in my drafty old place. Brrrrrrr! And the colorless, cèothach sky is perfect foil for Winter’s palette. Still uplifted from a meaningful exchange with Hawthorne tree yesterday, and grounded in gratitude. Thank you for all your generous shares. Puppers and fire and glowing golden light. Love this hibernation time in a world with so much broken, that offers yet omnipresent perfection.

posted 12th January 2023

Rachel O'Meara
 Rachel O'Meara says:

I live in the north woods of New Hampshire, USA, in the hills above the Connecticut River. I love the forest that surrounds us, and the brook that runs nearby. On occasion i go to the big River and enjoy the open spaces of fields and marshes. We have many wild folk living here; from mycelium to bears. I am particularly fond of Chickadees, though, who live here all year round. They really know what’s going on. i call them ‘Masters of the Forest’.

Right at this moment it’s snowing-perfect.
All the best to you-Rachel

posted 12th January 2023

Katja Pepper
 Katja Pepper says:

Oh I totally love this! So pleased that the project can go ahead and that you have both been well supported.
I live in Surrey but it is really greater London. I have the river and fabulous large parks near by and a wonderful Horse Chestnut tree right outside my small flat. In this tree is a crow family and many visiting Jackdaws,who I also feed on my window ledge.
The tree keeps me in mind of the changing seasons. I would love one day to be immersed in more natural surroundings and infact I shall make it happen eventually!
I love folk tales and how they connect us to our culture and natural surroundings, reminding us of what is really important, life.
Looking forward to Stories from the Stones, it will certainly be treasured.


posted 12th January 2023

Popi Pribojac
 Popi Pribojac says:

Hi, at this very moment I am in Cyprus. I don't live here, going back home to UK tomorrow. Storm doing it's thing outside , wind and rain. I love waiting for another of these wonderful books to be born!

posted 12th January 2023

Hazel Tufton
 Hazel Tufton says:

Hello I first came to know of you through The Lost Spells book - I really felt the magic of the words and so became a “fan”. I live in a small loft room which is full of stuff (similar to your studio). I live near to London so my haven is my garden. Reading on a Kindle may be the modern way but you can’t beat a real book.

posted 12th January 2023

Juliana Glanfield
 Juliana Glanfield says:

Hi , I live in Suffolk in a very old Market town . It has been very rainy and blustery here , so everything in my garden is looking very sad , but the seasons move on and Imbolc will soon be here with bulbs in my pots in flower and buds forming into blossom on the trees . I love this cosy time of year , candles lit , knitting on lap , or my Zen colouring book . I love to support these special books , I have a collection on my bookshelf now , it’s lovely to just dip in and out of them and enjoy those special moments .

posted 12th January 2023

Brigit Thurstan
 Brigit Thurstan says:

I howl at the moon and listen to the raven calls.
Love the creations you both make.

posted 12th January 2023

Meg Sutherland
 Meg Sutherland says:

Hi Jackie, I’m Meg, a veterinary nurse and wild wanderer living in Lincolnshire. I loved your Golden Hare book and have tried hare singing to orphaned leverets myself. Mostly I help the birds though - I’m a swift carer every summer and occasional swan beak fixer, kestrel leg binder - any injured bird that comes to work I’m it’s healer. Such heartbreakingly hard times for birds … anyway, the world needs more of you and your kind and together perhaps we can weave a web tight enough to hold onto hope in these perilous times.
Bright blessings

posted 12th January 2023

Carolyn Smith
 Carolyn Smith says:

Hello from Cambridge, NY where we have grey skies and snow turning to rain that seems to have discouraged my feathered and furred friends. It is rare to look outside and not see a multitude of birds. At this time of year many of the furred kind are asleep but we have quite a collection of squirrels including one we call "Ghost" because he is a very pale grey, though I think not an albino. Indoors we have 11 spoiled cats. Your art and writings are so wonderful. Thank you, thank you. Carolyn

posted 12th January 2023

Sarah Beeson
 Sarah Beeson says:

My name is Sarah and I live in rural Northumberland, a liminal place just 10 minutes for The Sill Visitor Centre where Jackie’s work is often displayed. I work in Biodiversity and have often campaigned to truly connect people with the magic of nature, but I am going to move away from this and pursue my passion to become a writer.

Jackie is my favourite illustrator right now and I am so thankful to be introduced to Tam - I have already picked out a print of hers for my birthday in July. Much like Jackie and Tam I am supporting this project with my friend Laura, the Faerie Folklorist, who is new to your work but whom I know will fall in love with your words and your art.

I wish I could have afforded one of the studio visits. So many of my own ideas are paralleled in your work, it would have been such an honour to have talked to you both and learned from your experience. Perhaps in future, in some wild space, our paths will meet.

Until then, thank you both so much for what you’re bringing in to this world - I can’t wait to share it with my family.

posted 12th January 2023

Janet Barraclough
 Janet Barraclough says:

Hi Jackie, I live in Berwick-Upon-Tweed in Northumberland and the wind is howling outside, not unusual on the north east coast, but I love the wildness of it. I also love your books and paintings and have quite a few now, some of them bought for my darling granddaughter but definitely for both of us really. I love the anticipation of sponsoring your books and then watching them develop. So exciting. Janet

posted 12th January 2023

Julie Cobbin
 Julie Cobbin says:

Hello, I live in Nottingham. The weather is blustery with a sprinkle of drizzle but I love the wind. I love walking in it; feeling its power and I really love hearing it rattle drainpipes and whistling down the chimney.

I am looking forward to reading this book and being uplifted.

posted 12th January 2023

Joanna Fenna-Brown
 Joanna Fenna-Brown says:

Hi Jackie
I think it started with ‘Can you see a little bear.’ I was staying in a lovely yurt with my four children in mid Wales and one day we visited a mill with a shop. While my three little boys were transfixed by the water wheel my daughter who was very small at the time led me over to a book with a bear on the cover. This turned out to be Can you see the little Bear. There wasn’t much we could do after dark in the yurt except read stories by lamplight and Can you see the little bear was our favourite because the pictures are so beautiful. Knowing how much my daughter loved this book her Godmother bought her Mrs Noah’s Pockets and that also became a great favourite with ‘too big’ boys sneaking in to have a secret listen and look at the beautiful pictures at her story time. They are all teenagers or nearly teenagers now but I have such fond memories of your books when I saw your Unbounders project I knew I must support it. Thanks a million for all the happy memories - this new book is for me!

posted 12th January 2023

Catherine Mullis
 Catherine Mullis says:

Hello Jackie, my name is Catherine. I reside in a liminal world and share my bricks and mortar home with my partner and handsome rescue cat in beautiful rural Somerset. The weather here in is wet and blustery at the moment and my whole being is longing for some snow (I am most comfortable in myself when the weather is crisp and cold). I am very much looking forward to Wild Folk and the places it will take me.

posted 12th January 2023

Jennifer Kates
 Jennifer Kates says:

This work has meant so much to me: during the pandemic, while pregnant and quarantined for months away from home, I treasured getting the updates for the Unwinding. They were each a little breath of calm and escape. The final book came just after my baby, and was my companion those early hard weeks with her. Now she loves being read Tell Me A Dragon, picking out which dragon would be hers, seeing them cracking out of the eggs, recognizing Philly’s city hall where I’ve long worked, and showing me the little dragons among the flowers and curled around ears and necks. (And I have one of Tamsin’s dragon prints picked out for my son’s room!) I joined this project because I’m going through a stressful time, with a family member sick and loss of a longtime job, and I know it will lift my spirits every time an email comes through. Thank you both for sharing so much magic!

posted 12th January 2023

Cornelia Rémi
 Cornelia Rémi says:

I live in a pocket of world that feels like a separate planet sometimes: In Munich, surrounded by the big city, close to the railway lines, with the traffic rushing past outside the house, my one window overlooking the backyard, a puddle of sky and some trees, which thankfully attract the birds of the quarter: tits and woodpeckers, some pigeons and crows, occasionally a magpie. I'm longing after long walks outside in a park or even outside the city, but currently my job requires me to spend long hours either at the desk or on trains, to an office 2hrs of trainride away (going there and back devours 5hrs of my day ...). Now in winter it means that I leave in the silent darkness of the very early morning, arrive in what is still deep darkness before sunrise, leave the office in the early evening and arrive back home when it's dark again. I am longing after sunlight and air. I wish I could at least watch the landscape fly past the train windows, but in the dark there is not much to see but my own face.

posted 12th January 2023

Jennifer Garland
 Jennifer Garland says:

Jackie I have followed your work since I discovered The Lost Words. You and I had a magical exchange last year following the passing of an older sister who shared a love of cairn terriers. Owls were my guide in 2022 -- appearing in my dreams and on my doorstep. I love everything about this collaboration. I supported Feather, Leaf, Bark and Stone and love the ephemeral feel of Tamsin's prints and glasswork. Owls, ravens, horses, dogs and nature. They all speak to me. I am a registered therapist living near Peterborough, Ontario in Canada. I am also a caretaker of a herd of healing horses who work with my clients. My lead mare is a Clydesdale named Raven. I invite everyone who visits to engage in a closer connection to nature here on our farm. It has been a dark, wet and windy January in this part of Canada and the forecast is for more snow. That's ok because I am snuggling up to a wood stove and there is soup on the stove. Keep creating and sharing your magic. Your words are healing. Jennifer

posted 12th January 2023

Tish Marrable
 Tish Marrable says:

Hello, I'm very excited about this project as I love both your work! I live currently near Brighton in East Sussex, my house backs onto the beautiful Downs which help me to stay vaguely sane. My heart is in West Wales and the deep magic that lies in the land there, and I'll move back in a couple of years when I retire. Knowing that there is a community out there who knows the importance of the wild magic and the stories that tell of it is so important to me.

posted 12th January 2023

Claire Kruse
 Claire Kruse says:

It's lovely to be able to watch the evolution of the book and to see it develop to the point we see copies in our hands. Thank you, Claire Kruse

posted 12th January 2023

Andrya Prescott
 Andrya Prescott says:

Hello, I am snuggled up in rugs in our campervan in a quiet little campsite in the woods. The wind is moving through the branches and catching us occasionally, rocking our home for the next couple of nights. I am grateful to you both for sharing your creative worlds on insta, I feel a sense of comfort and inspiration from your posts. Also I have foraged around and followed and bought artwork from some of the other creative people you cherish and share through social media. It is a wonderful corner of the internet. X

posted 12th January 2023

Kathryn Tinling
 Kathryn Tinling says:

Hi, I’m Kathryn and I live in Wallsend, Tyne and Wear. I try and get out and into nature as much as I can. I rely on public transport, so don’t get as far as I’d like to, but I’m lucky that we have a lovely park and burn walk locally, and the Rising Sun country park within walking distance too. A walk along the coast to St Mary’s Island to see the grey seals is a particular joy for me! Also, because I am now retired, I have more time to have a walk and take photos on my phone. I always manage to find something different to capture! I’m such an admirer of the fantastic work of you both, and I know that your collaboration will be just wonderful!

posted 12th January 2023

Anne Piecuch
 Anne Piecuch says:

Hello, I'm Anne, living on the coast of Maine. I've just discovered this wonderful site. I followed Tamsin on Instagram and thus discovered this project. I'm so excited to play a small part in making this project a reality.

posted 12th January 2023

Jo Valentine
 Jo Valentine says:

The wind is howling around our little stone cottage here on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. The flood plain below us is a shining mirror reflecting the waning moon. Something about the magic of its temporary appearance calls in the swans and heron. I am trying to stitch the legs of a walking hut. I find these strange ambulatory buildings incredibly difficult to capture. They shape shift beneath my pencil. I hoped a needle might work better….

posted 12th January 2023

Lizzie Kathiravel
 Lizzie Kathiravel says:

Outside our home in Northumberland the wind has been grasping hold of the trees and whipping up the grasses for a week now. It has felt so warm, more like the winters I grew up with in Devon and Cornwall. I am disturbed by the changes in the weather and find myself looking back to the old fables and patterns of life they speak about with a kind of longing for continuity. In these times artists and writers can bring a healthy sense of celebration for all that is seasonal, timeworn and common. I am very happy to help you bring some wonder back to our world.

posted 12th January 2023

Susanne Lane
 Susanne Lane says:

Hello Jackie, I’m an artist living in the country, Virginia, USA. Over the past few years I’ve collected your beautiful books and have always been attracted to your lovely and whimsical illustrations. I am also a whimsical painter and
refer to the beauty of nature all around me. Im so drawn to your beautiful folk takes and poems. When I saw the call for funding for Wild Folk I couldn’t resist being part of the fundraising and also to get to know the work of Tamsin in the process.
I love also love the photos of your cats!… they are such beautiful creatures and I share my own world with four spoiled felines.

posted 12th January 2023

Sally Zaranko
 Sally Zaranko says:

My name is Sally and I live in a tiny village called Whashton in North Yorkshire, with my husband, daughter, 2 horses, 3 spaniels, 4 rescue cats, 2 ducks, 3 geese and 6 chickens. I am shape shifting from senior teacher to lino printer and textile artist, unlearning and reimagining - and I hope my work helps to highlight the beautiful magical nature around us.
I have loved both your work and follow-on Instagram and love seeing the process of creation, the studio pictures and your relationship with the animals you share your homes with. The Feather Feather, Leaf, Bark & Stone book is beautiful and I pledged to support that as a gift for our wedding anniversary.
I would have loved to have met you both and talked as I am sure I would have learned so much – I hope that opportunity might arise in the future.
We have had another night of elemental weather which grounds and places you, blows away chaff and brings new hope and opportunities.I love the interplay of place, myth, legends and wild tales and folk and the tales you bring to life through this new book will be amazing – can’t wait. It’s so exciting to see how a germ of an idea grows and develops and shape shifts itself over time.

posted 13th January 2023

Anne Weinhold
 Anne Weinhold says:

Good morning everyone, how wonderful to feel that a community is starting to draw together for this new book of tales and magic. Thank you Jackie and Tamsin for bringing us all here. I am Anne and I live on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in northern England. Working in the natural sciences, and spending my days reading and sharing research reports on marine pollution and climate change, I promised myself at the beginning of 2023 to re-mystify my life. I discovered my spirit animal, the raven, on New Year's Eve and having been introduced to some of your work already, Jackie, supporting this new project was a bit like a new direction forward. I hope to find tales and narratives - from the past, for the future - that draw out soulful relationships with each other and what is beyond us, and maybe just beyond our grasp. I am so pleased to be part of what is emerging here, and look forward to connecting further.

posted 13th January 2023

Kate Unwin
 Kate Unwin says:

Hello, My name is Kate and I have recently bought 11.5 acres of ancient woodland in Mid Wales which has about two acres of scrubby land at the road edge where people have been dumping things for over 30 years. We plan to build a smallholding and a home there. After failing to find anywhere to rent while we complete our planning application and begin to clear the rubbish, we were kindly loaned a 3-bed caravan nearby which had been abandoned for 8 years. After a lot of work it is now our cosy home, filled with old furniture and your beautiful work on the walls. Both yours and Tamsin's work is a touchstone of inspiration and continuing source of support while I make this journey from having a busy career as a theatre designer to a simple life, lived on the land. I'm so excited to watch you progress with this project. Thanks for all your work so far.

posted 13th January 2023

Isobel Hunt
 Isobel Hunt says:

Greetings from Comrie in Perthshire where the sun has come out today after what seemed like endless days of rain. Two magical things have happened this week. Wild Folk: Tales from the Stones and the creation of a ring made from my Mum's wedding ring from 1948 adorned with a tree of life, the moon and stars and a special hill, Craigendarroch. Both inspired and inspiring. Weaving magical threads from nature to create a thing of beauty.

posted 13th January 2023

Rebecca Miller
 Rebecca Miller says:

Greetings from rural Ohio, U.S. I have followed Tamsin's work for some time and stumbled across this project. As a glass hobbyist and writer, I couldn't wait to help fund it. - Rebecca

posted 13th January 2023

Katie Attenborough
 Katie Attenborough says:

Hello from a fellow Moon devotee. I live in a small village in Nottinghamshire, in a tiny cottage with a huge garden. I feel I've had to shape shift continuously over the past year and I can't wait to get lost in your tales of other shifters.

posted 14th January 2023

Robin Stenham
 Robin Stenham says:

A few words, having been read the tale set in and around Mounsey Castle - no plot spoilers… The words combine the richness of place, myth, magic, coming-of-age, warning and hope, stretched across time and tide. The pictures…, well, they are yet to come and will doubtless match and enhance the vision.

posted 14th January 2023

Vivien Boyes
 Vivien Boyes says:

Hello from a grey West London where I am hunkered down for the winter. Today is cold and wet. Gulls are circling overhead.They remind me of Pembrokeshire where I first came across your work, Jackie. Once I heard you speak at a festival. You had brought some of your sketchbooks and the chance to see your ideas in progress was special. In spring I will be back in Wales. Meanwhile I miss the sound of curlews out on the estuary. In London I am spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to save a local wildflower meadow from being developed into sports pitches. Skylarks nest there and spool out their song, barn owls hunt at dusk and little owls stare down from the oak trees. Why do we have to fight like this for precious green space? I love how your work with Lost Words and Lost Spells is connecting people back to wild things. How can people value what they don’t understand? I am glad I’ve now discovered Tamsin’s work too. Looking forward to sharing glimpses of this project.

posted 16th January 2023

Rachel Burch
 Rachel Burch says:

Looking forward to the book

posted 20th January 2023

Holly Aldridge
 Holly Aldridge says:

Hey, I’m Holly from the Welsh hills in Brecknockshire. Tamsin is such an inspiration. Her incredible work inspired me to take my stained glass art to a new level and learn traditional stained glass painting. I am still very new to the craft but the limitless possibilities the paintbrush presents, coupled with awe-inspiring beauty of the environment I live in, and not to mention the admiration I have for Tamsin and the plethora of incredible artists out there, including of course, Jackie!, make me wish there were more hours in the day to experiment, create and love the art! I am so excited for this book!! Particularly as the opportunity to pledge and become one of the Wild Folk makes me feel part of it

posted 20th January 2023

Sophie Quinnell
 Sophie Quinnell says:

Hello I’m Sophie from Tonbridge in Kent. I have loved Jackie’s work for many years and became aware of Tamsin more recently through Jackie’s Instagram and Seven Fables. I was beyond excited to go to Seven Fables this summer for the first time. A delivery of Tamsin’s prints had just arrived and I was lucky enough to buy an incredibly beautiful otter print as a birthday present! It now hangs in my bedroom and brings me joy each day. Thanks to you both for creating and sharing such magical images and stories with us all, you enrich so many lives .

posted 20th January 2023

Cate Haynes
 Cate Haynes says:

I’m Cate. I grew up in leafy Surrey, a short stomp away from ancient woodland in one direction and the rolling Downs in the other. Now I live in urban Southampton, Hampshire where we get regular visits from badgers, foxes, blackbirds, starlings, robins and the occasional Sparrowhawk. It’s cold, clear and crisp today. My children long for snow, but it rarely settles here. I’m so lucky to have some stunning small pieces of Jackie’s, which I love, but I’m hoping to add to my collection with some of Tamsin’s gorgeous work. One day, fingers crossed

posted 20th January 2023

Pearl Melvill
 Pearl Melvill says:

I’m Pearl and I live in Gloucestershire. A dreamer who feels at peace amongst nature and folk and fairytales. Both of you collaborating on this will be a match made in heaven. I think the book will be such a joy.

posted 20th January 2023

Sara Bankes
 Sara Bankes says:

Tumbled about, unwanted baggage, washing up on the shore of a Cotswold swamp. Working outdoors , sharing a fascination and love for nature. Telling stories, words and pictures, celebrating and inspiring the protection of nature.

posted 20th January 2023

Wendy-Jane Walton
 Wendy-Jane Walton says:

The losing of words left me lost for words - I wrote a song. Feather,leaf,bark and stone has been a source of comfort in a time of deep grief. I love everything that you do.

posted 20th January 2023

Jen Grosz
 Jen Grosz says:

Hi Jackie. What a wonderful book is in the making, i’m so looking forwards to getting immersed in its magic. I live in Birmingham and love to explore the hills and ancient sites around the welsh boarders, wiltshire and further afield in Norfolk and Scotland. Connecting with nature and our deeply rich part through music, stories and the landscape is my way of finding magic in the everyday. Im so glad to support what yourself and Tamsin are doing to keep our historic culture alive

posted 20th January 2023

Kelda Sproston
 Kelda Sproston says:

Im really excited about this book and how it brings the magic of both artisans together. I am based im wilts but like to visit places with spooky tales and folklore I spend most of my free time drawing artwork inspired by the mari lwyd, a folkloric tradition that helped me recover from trauma.

posted 20th January 2023

Tracy Jasnowski
 Tracy Jasnowski says:

My name is Tracy and I live in New Hampshire in the United States. No ancient forests here as the settlers cut them all down but our forests are still lovely and full of life. Just here in my yard I’ve seen fox, skunk, porcupine, deer, and even a bear! We have a resident pair of lovely cardinals and my milkweed brings in the Monarch butterflies. So looking forward to this next work of yours!

posted 20th January 2023

Marisa Strutt
 Marisa Strutt says:

I'm Marisa and I live at the edge of Bearsden just outside Glasgow in Scotland. I live with my greyhound and 7 year old with woodland and fields nearby.

I found your work through the Lost Words which I gifted my Mum. She then gave me The Unwinding for Christmas which led me to Unbound and discovering this project. It spoke to me so I've pledged on behalf of my Mum and I.

I've been enjoying both of your posts on Instagram which have opened up your world of art and nature to me. I also discovered Robert Macfarlane through the Lost Words which led me to his musical collaborations. All of your work brings me such joy and peace, helping me recentre and reconnect with nature at a time of upheaval in my life. Beautiful, thank you for your creativity and sharing it with the world. Looking forward to the Wild Folk and following you on its journey.

posted 21st January 2023

Christine Entwisle
 Christine Entwisle says:

Hello there. I’m Christine. Just to say how much I’ve enjoyed your work and updates. Im so excited about the book! I am in maryport, West Cumbria. It’s been pretty chilly of late so I’m still in bed working on my computer as it’s the warmest place! My rescue dog Ethel is also on the bed. She’s loving the cold weather and dances about in the frost and rolls and rolls around in the snow on the fell tops. I am abridging a new book on Alzheimer’s for the radio which I am really enjoying. Sort of . My mam has Alzheimer’s . Dad died last year and I am just following my nose to find art that makes me feel more connected to something bigger. Good luck with everything xxx

posted 21st January 2023

Hildegard Schollaert
 Hildegard Schollaert says:

Hi Jackie and Tamsin, i feel privileged to contribute to this book in a very small vvay and at the same time feeling part of a community. Thank you for making this possible.
Love Hilde.

posted 21st January 2023

Amanda Percy
 Amanda Percy says:

Hello Jackie and Tamsin,
I live in Penyffordd, a village in North Wales, not far from Chester and the border with England. I was born and grew up in England (in Cheshire) not far from Lindow Moss, Alderley Edge and their history and legends. No surprise that Alan Garner is my favourite author! I spent time living in beautiful Ayrshire and am now settled in Wales and am lucky to have a view across the Cheshire plain to Beeston and, on a clear day, Mow Cop, so I feel I have come full circle.
My interests have led me to discover kindred spirits along the way. From both your works and others such as Skyravenwolf, The Blackden Trust, and many others, I feel like part of a community and love to follow everyone's stories and creativity. We may not get to meet each other on person but through social media we share a path and interactions with those of a similar disposition, greatly needed in current times!
I wish I was nearer to Seven Fables but online has been fabulous for finding new resources. I have been a supporter of Unbound for some years and love the ethos. It is fantastic to be able to support a book to publication.
I am so looking forward to seeing your collaboration come to fruition.
Enjoy the journey. Love Manda xx

posted 21st January 2023

Tracy Powell
 Tracy Powell says:

So looking forward to seeing this! You working together is such a beautiful idea. The Wayland print calls to me, one of my favourite places. I always look out for you local landscapes on Twitter too: I loved in Aberystwyth for 8 years and it still tugs in my blood.

posted 21st January 2023

Barbara Ganley
 Barbara Ganley says:

I write from the Green Mountains of Vermont, a place of birds and foxes, bobcats and coyotes, frogs and snakes, bees and butterflies, and humans. I have loved your work for a long time, gifting every child and most adults I know with your books and cards. So glad to be able to be a part of your unbound community on several projects!

posted 21st January 2023

Jaci Foster
 Jaci Foster says:

I live on a farm in Hampshire, England. Walking round every day I see many things and feel part of a very different world to that I find when I come home. Both Jackie's and Tamsin's work takes me back to that other world.

posted 21st January 2023

Bev Cornaby
 Bev Cornaby says:

I live in South Cambridgeshire with my husband and two sons. We love exploring nature, including through art and tales - this includes my husband writing poetry (albeit he never shares it beyond us!). I love Jackie's artwork and can't wait to explore the tales in your new joint book.

posted 21st January 2023

Jane Kimberley
 Jane Kimberley says:

Hi Jackie and Tamsin, I too live on a farm! I live near Jackie in Pembrokeshire. Here the sense of place and all that has long belonged here is strong. I have been lucky enough to observe, to walk and talk with Jackie, watching on as she has painted with her ink, casting lasting magic with children I've worked with. I am mesmerized by your work, Tamsin, the Ravens are otherworldly and your swans and their surrounding light and colour have literally been in my dreams! I am so looking forward to Wild Folk, thank you xx

posted 21st January 2023

Thea Prothero
 Thea Prothero says:

Hi. I live in Southampton which is one of those places that evolved from the sea and the later docks. People don’t really go to it, but pass through on their way somewhere else. I think this is reflected in me, I have a nomadic spirit born from my traveller heritage. Many places bring me solace but the greatest is in my imagination. Looking forward to your collaboration.

posted 22nd January 2023

Stephanie Green
 Stephanie Green says:

I adore this project. My world is about creating oppertunities for young people to re-wild themselvea, their education and reconnect with our magical natural world. Love all the work you create and I cant wait for this too !!! :)

posted 22nd January 2023

Rebecca Harvey
 Rebecca Harvey says:

Good morning from a bright and cold Manchester (UK) where the light started peach pink and the skies are now blue, clear and glacial. I love that this clash of stories, words and images is resulting in a community drawing in so many from so far, it's fascinating to read where others are from and how you all got here. Stories old and new - folk tales, fairy tales, tales of learning and joy and sorrow - teach us so much about who we are and who we can be. We all need a bit of magic in our lives right now, and what you're weaving here is an important line in that spell.

posted 22nd January 2023

 Jo TC says:

Very much looking forward to this book - love the updates - love the stories - especially love the card of the dog as it reminds me of my beautiful dog Roo who was my companion through my teenage years! We first came across Jackie's work when she was Artist in Residence at Hay and have been transfixed ever since... memories of The Lost Spells concert at the festival still stop me in my tracks- an all-consuming evening! Jackie's Instagram led me to Tamsin's work which is so beautiful! The idea of a collaboration is sublime. On this weekend when protestors have raised the spirit of old crockern to protect our rights to sleep under the stars on Dartmoor, the power and beauty of tales and fables seems ever more relevant!

posted 22nd January 2023

Lucy Vernon
 Lucy Vernon says:

My mother and I are so looking forward to the book.

posted 22nd January 2023

Theresa Burt
 Theresa Burt says:

What a wonderful project. I am so glad to be part of this community and to watch your work grow.
Theresa (in the Black Mountains, Wales)

posted 22nd January 2023

Sheryl Cooper
 Sheryl Cooper says:

I live in a midlands suburbia bricked in with concrete & steel but … when I stop & take time to look there is wildlife. There are robins, blue tits & sparrows, calls of birds that I am still yet to learn and a flash of red as an urban fox darts past me at night. He doesn’t stop but he does leave me with a sense of wonder & appreciation of the wildlife that is all around.

posted 22nd January 2023

Claire Taylor
 Claire Taylor says:

I'm Claire, I'm from the North West of England. We are lucky to have lots of green space, and are a stronghold for a willow tit. I'm very excited to receive this book and thrilled to contribute to the creation.

posted 22nd January 2023

Philippa Francis
 Philippa Francis says:

Philippa here - from Yorkshire but now living by the sea in Sussex. Photo-poem maker, reader, writer and editor.

posted 22nd January 2023

Anne Dunn
 Anne Dunn says:

Hello, we live in North Hertfordshire, which is surrounded by lovely countryside. During lockdown we explored our local area and learnt to identify all the wild flowers and butterflies (we already knew the birds). We are lucky enough to have Red Kites over our house. Really looking forward to this new book, I know it will be just as beautiful as all the others. My son bought me The Unwinding for Christmas, what a lovely thought (I didn't tell him I already have a subscriber copy!) I am deliberating who I can gift one to.

posted 22nd January 2023

Emily Lancaster
 Emily Lancaster says:

Hello from rural mid Devon! Very much looking forward to the Wild Folk book. My husband Philip is in the process of setting some of your Lost Words to music.

posted 22nd January 2023

Lies Vanhoucke
 Lies Vanhoucke says:

Hi! Joining here from a small town in Belgium. I have a lot of admiration for all of your projects and really glad to be a part of making this one happen.

posted 22nd January 2023

Sarah Blenkinsop
 Sarah Blenkinsop says:

Hi Jackie, Sarah from Herefordshire, we've just had a very cold spell here, yesterday we had freezing fog all day, which turned the seed heads in the garden(particularly Fennel) into little gleaming treasures of ice.

The trees in the wood were particularly beautiful, glinting in the twilight.
Glad to be supporting this latest work, looking forward to seeing yours and Tamsins work.

posted 22nd January 2023

Ellen Sandberg
 Ellen Sandberg says:

My name is Ellen. This looks like such a magical book. I can’t wait to touch the stones, open the door, and see where it leads me.

posted 22nd January 2023

Laura Jones
 Laura Jones says:

Hello Jackie, it's Laura Jones,I'm in the Vale of Belvoir in Leicestershire. I'm so thrilled about this latest venture, can't wait xx

posted 22nd January 2023

Amanda Earps
 Amanda Earps says:

Hi Jackie, I fell across a repost on face book tonight, it was the word compassion, and a polar bear that caught my eye. So with an ooo I love Jackie Morris' work I followed the trail and here I am. It's almost midnight, there's one cat sitting on the back of the sofa and the other just gone out, may be to listen to the sounds of the sea, here on the Isle of Wight. I'm looking forward to your new work.

posted 22nd January 2023

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

Thanks everyone. Amazing reading where you Wild Folk are all from. This small parcel has been won by Katja Pepper, so I will do my best to get in touch, and post in the next couple of days.

posted 23rd January 2023

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