Wild Folk: Tales from the Stones

By Jackie Morris and Tamsin Abbott

An exquisite collection of shape-shifting tales from two magical artist-storytellers.

Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Hello from Herefordshire

So today was one of those days where I was blessed with the vision of a hare whilst out on my walk. An actual hare not just a vision in my mind! On days like this where the Wild Folk cross paths with us we walk a little lighter and the things that trouble us may recede whilst dreams come to the fore. When I arrived back at my workshop I made this little film of introduction and thanks. Thank you all for joining us and beginning to grow this new Wild Folk community

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Liane Kordan
 Liane Kordan says:

What a warm and welcoming introduction - thank you Tamsin. Looking forward to more clips from you both. Liane

posted 24th January 2023

Jackie Morris
 Jackie Morris says:

I do love Tamsin's workshop. The colour and light in it and the way the eye dances from treasure to treasure. And the stuffed sparrowhawk, a victim of error, so beautiful, so watchful. The view from the door is beautiful too.

posted 25th January 2023

Rachel Harrington
 Rachel Harrington says:

I’m so thrilled to have been able to support this project, having admired both your work for so long. I have major workshop envy! What a magical and precious space.

posted 25th January 2023

Nicola Jones
 Nicola Jones says:

Hi Tamsin,,thank you d so much for this wonderful introduction to your place of creation and work. Loved it. Best wishes. Have a sunny day. Nicola x

posted 26th January 2023

Lynette Richards
 Lynette Richards says:

I am loving being along on this journey!
Lynette, in Nova Scotia, Canada

posted 26th January 2023

Kathryn Tinling
 Kathryn Tinling says:

Such a lovely film. Thank you Tamsin!

posted 26th January 2023

Jo Valentine
 Jo Valentine says:

Oh fabulous workshop tour. Thank you for sharing your space with us. Perhaps instead of feeling a weight of expectation from us you could imagine us a soft blanket of support? If you enjoy the process, we will certainly enjoy the outcome. Hope it is an exciting and exhilarating projec5 for you with lots of opportunities for fun and play.

posted 26th January 2023

Tamsin Abbott
 Tamsin Abbott says:

Hi everyone, so lovely to be able to share my space with you and thank you all for the great comments and camaraderie. And Jo Valentine, I am snuggling in to that comforting blanket of support right now. I am definitely enjoying the process. January is always a bit of a sticky time getting on with the flow of work but this is the first year I haven’t been totally overwhelmed by the blues so must be in a large part to this feeling of community. ☺️

posted 26th January 2023

Mollie Ferris
 Mollie Ferris says:

What a delightful tour of your studio! Thank you. We have a fox living under our driveway in a culvert. We are so fortunate to interact with Fox most days from a distance. Hope you have a sunny day also. Mollie and Greg Alberta Canada ❤️

posted 26th January 2023

Juliana Glanfield
 Juliana Glanfield says:

Thank you Tamsin , so lovely to see your beautiful workshop and where the creations will be made . I am so looking forward to seeing and hearing about progress as you commence xx

posted 26th January 2023

Liz Talbot
 Liz Talbot says:

It's so exciting to be a tiny part of this amazing project. I love the videos - a little peak into your worlds! I'm enjoying being part of the 'family'.

posted 26th January 2023

Sally Zaranko
 Sally Zaranko says:

Tamsin, thank you for that lovely introduction to your special work space. I can see why you love being in there so much. I love what you do and I want you to enjoy the process of this alchemical book with Jackie - no expectations or burden - just enjoy it and be you and know you are supported in every way on the path - the inspirations and wild folk will come.... Its a privilege to share the journey with you both.

posted 26th January 2023

Theresa Burt
 Theresa Burt says:

What a lovely introduction, thank you. Someone above has suggested that you think of us as a support group, willing you forward, rather than feeling the weight of expectation. Lucky us, being able to share in this creative project!

posted 26th January 2023

Carolyn Smith
 Carolyn Smith says:

Very nice to meet you and see your wonderful workshop. I am so happy to be able to support in a small way such special work.

posted 26th January 2023

Catherine Holland
 Catherine Holland says:

Your workshop looks lovely, very inspiring. I spotted a Pelam horse puppet - I have one too.

posted 29th January 2023

Ms Amanda Lorimer
 Ms Amanda Lorimer says:

So lovely to finally meet you and share in this incredible journey...
I absolutely love your studio , it looks very cosy with your wood burning stove .
I feel honoured to have helped you realise your dreams in a small way .
I have followed you for a long time Tamsin, you have an extraordinary talent... lots of love and luck with this magical project. ☮

posted 30th January 2023

Tamsin Abbott
 Tamsin Abbott says:

Once again thank you all for your kindness and comments. I can’t reply to you individually (the system isn’t set up that way) but I just wanted to let you know that I do read all your comments and it’s so nice to see your names and hear details such as that you also have a Pelham puppet or that you’ve been following me for many years or are perhaps seeing my work for the first time. So lovely.

posted 6th February 2023

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