Why Did The Policeman Cross the Road?

By Stevyn Colgan

Not so much police intelligence as intelligent policing

Friday, 26 September 2014

We apologise for this break in transmission ...

Hello shedfolk.

Just a quick 'hello' to say that there will be a short break in these probem-solving shedposts. I'm under the whip to finish my contribution to Dr Sue Black's book Saving Bletchley Park and I also have to consider new ways to promote my book as pledging has pretty much ground to a halt.

Rest assured, I'll be back very soon!

To keep you going, have a tiny sleeping baby hamster.

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Christopher Wilton
 Christopher Wilton says:

Sooo cute! XD

posted 30th September 2014

Stevyn Colgan
 Stevyn Colgan says:


Oh, the hamster.

posted 14th October 2014

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