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By Stevyn Colgan

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Thursday, 4 September 2014

This sucks

Thumb-sucking is a problem. It can lead deformed upper teeth by forcing them outwards. And, unfortunately, unlike a dummy/pacifier you can't take it away. Well, not without surgery anyway.

I saw a child wearing one of these devices (above) today. I'd never seen one before and had no idea that such things existed. But they've apparently been around for some time.

But what stops the kiddies sucking the thumb guards??

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Craig Lewis
 Craig Lewis says:

It reminds me of a metal spiky device I saw in a museum that was designed to... er... prevent men from indulging in certain solo activities. In true connectoscope fashion Freud believed that thumb sucking was an early sign of sexual awareness.


posted 4th September 2014

Pat Harkin
 Pat Harkin says:

IF this works, I suspect the child doesn't suck the guard because it's hard and unyielding and provides no tactile feedback through the thumb. Sucking it would be like sucking Lego!

posted 5th September 2014

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