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Thursday, 10 March 2016

I'm currently doing last minute things like sorting out photo permissions and checking through the typeset manuscript for Why Did The Policeman Cross The Road? It's looking great! I'm very proud of this book and Unbound have done a splendid job with the design, layout, artwork etc. as I knew they would.

If you're one of my lovely subscribers, you'll be getting an email today or tomorrow asking you to check your details so that we get your name right in the back of the book where we list my brilliant patrons. Although the book's official release date is May 19th, we'll hopefully get the subscriber copies out earlier.

If, however, you're not yet a subscriber, there's still time to buy your copy here from the Unbound site, cock a snook at Amazon and the like, AND get your name in the back of the book as a patron. The cut-off is 22nd March.

So run! Run all the way! 

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Mark Vent
Mark Vent says:

Woohoo! .. the official release date coincides with my 42nd birth anniversary :D

March 10, 2016

Stevyn Colgan
Stevyn Colgan says:

Yay! Double the amount of cake!

March 20, 2016

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