Why Did The Policeman Cross the Road?

By Stevyn Colgan

Not so much police intelligence as intelligent policing

Thursday, 5 May 2016

So close you can smell it!

Ladies and gents! The books have started to arrive from the printers and they look 136 kinds of awesome. I'm very, very happy with the finished product. And this (in photo) is just the standard edition! You subscribers will have foil embossing, beautifully illustrated end papers, better paper stock and everything. I'm told they will start being posted out very very soon!

It's been a long, hard road we've walked together but the end is in sight! 

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Tony Shannon
 Tony Shannon says:

Hello Stevyn, do we have a release date for the eBook downloads?

Kind regards


posted 5th May 2016

Helen Ducker
 Helen Ducker says:

Congratulations Steve, so pleased that you have come to the end of your book journey (apart from the actual journey of travelling to promote). Getting very excited about receiving my copy - feel like a distance relative expecting a hug from the new family member!

posted 5th May 2016

Helen Ducker
 Helen Ducker says:

Apologies that should have said "Stevyn" - some relative! Can't even get your name right. *hangs head in shame*

posted 5th May 2016

Craig Lewis
 Craig Lewis says:

Congrats, Colgers! It's been a long ride but a highly entertaining one and we haven't even arrived at the party yet! :) Can't wait.

posted 5th May 2016

Stevyn Colgan
 Stevyn Colgan says:

Tony - It should be imminent. Last few tweaks were being made yesterday
Helen - Everyone calls me Steve! xx
Craig - Yay! Wait unti you see the photo on page 213 (yours)!

posted 18th May 2016

Craig Lewis
 Craig Lewis says:

Ah, it was useful - brilliant :) So sorry I couldn't provide more. Can't wait to see it :)

posted 18th May 2016

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