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Friday, 22 January 2016

Recycling in the (paper) bag

Epson have unveiled a clever way to cut the amount of waste paper produced by businesses - invest in a PaperLab.

Okay, it's not a small machine. And it isn't very pretty. But you feed old used paper in one end and out of the other comes clean usable recycled paper.What's more, you can set the colour, size and the thickness too. Incredibly it takes The PaperLab just three minutes to do this and it can produce around 14 A4 sheets of paper per minute, or 6,720 sheets in an eight-hour work day.

Here's a video, sadly, not in English, which shows it at work. I've yet to see a predicted cost or energy use so it's hard to say yet how it balances off against the cost and carbon footprint of traditional recycling. But an interesting idea nonetheless.



The book covers have now been agreed with the designers and we're in the final proofediting and typsetting stage.




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Chris Phillips
 Chris Phillips says:

Holy crap - I've got printers that can't even print as fast as this recycles!

posted 23rd January 2016

Pat Harkin
 Pat Harkin says:

Amazing - but I can't help wonder if Japan has an equivalent of April Fool's Day!

posted 25th January 2016

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