Why Did The Policeman Cross the Road?

By Stevyn Colgan

Not so much police intelligence as intelligent policing

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Quickies #2

A quick round-up of things that have caught my eye this week.

Following a previous shedpost discussion about signs and how to communicate, how about this for a slice of strangely pleasing information:

It translates as: 'All posters except posters about posters being prohibited are prohibited.'

(Found via @ArchedEyebrowBR on Twitter)

The next little gem relates to an interesting and fashionable piece of problem solving: cleaning up the sea with your natty 3D printed swimwear.

Mihri and Cengiz Ozkan, professors at the University of California, Riverside, and PhD students Daisy Patino and Hamed Bay have developed a material called 'Sponge' for cleaning up oil slicks and desalinating sea water. The material is 'super-hydrophobic' - it repels water but absorbs other substances, such as pollutants and salts. They have therefore suggested that it could be made into forms of swimwear that clean the ocean as you swim. You can read the full story on Mashable.

Some other stories you might have missed:

Churches across the USA are trying to broker Thanksgiving ceasefires

London Police ‘Super Recognizer’ Walks Beat With a Facebook of the Mind

45 free online classes you can take (and finish) by the end of this year

Insurance system may be to blame for aunt's lawsuit against 12-year-old

We're not as selfish as we think

Charles Dickens on 'How to be a decent person'

And finally ...

A great way to encourage conversation (or deal with the fact that your premises is in a blackspot):.


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