Pinch me, I'm Virgin

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

These are cute aren't they? It's a cruet set that Virgin Atantic gives out to Upper Class passengers. They are so cute in fact, that people kept nicking them. Which was a problem.

So, how did Virgin solve it? Well, they could have taken the 'scorched earth' option and done away with them altogether. But they didn't. They were smarter.

Firstly, they made the cruet out of chrome-plated plastic instead of the more expensive metal. Then they factored the cost into the price of the ticket so that the passenger is, effectively, stealing their own property (hotels have done this for years with shampoo, soaps, shower caps etc.) Then, they stamped 'Pinched from Virgin Atlantic' on the soles of the feet of the little cruet airplanes; not as a way of shaming the pilfering passenger, but as advertising. They knew that people would show their swag off to their friends because, as I think I mentioned, they are SO CUTE.

Problem solved.

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