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Saturday, 20 June 2015

McAccident McPrevention

Whether you love or hate the Golden Arches, you do have to give them 10/10 for this clever new packaging for the 'McBike' meal. The packaging, designed by Tribal ad agency of Buenos Aires in Argentina, was launched in Denmark, before making its way to Colombia, and will soon be hitting Amsterdam, Japan and other bicycle-heavy countries. It may make it to the UK too if there's enough demand.

The folding bio-degradable card package allows a buger, fries and a drink to be neatly hung on the handlebars of your bicycle. Which means more control of the bike and maybe fewer accidents.


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Craig Lewis
 Craig Lewis says:

It's a clever packaging design, but hanging stuff by the front wheel? I'm not entirely convinced :) Having seen what happens when a shopping bag and a set of spokes get together for a pow-wow, I'd pass :)

posted 22nd June 2015

Andrew Merritt
 Andrew Merritt says:

Nice that they're thinking of cyclists, but, like Craig, I'm not convinced this is a practical solution, at least not for this country. Apart from what he mentions (my dad broke his arm due to the exact scenario he describes), the design seems to depend on being able to slide the holder over the handlebars, but bikes in the UK have brake levers (which the bike in the picture doesn't), as well as not having a uniform design of handlebars.

posted 22nd June 2015

Craig Lewis
 Craig Lewis says:

I suspect they're two different models, on closer examination - the mounted one seems to have a hook type arrangement that could be flexed to one side before locking on instead of a continuous handle.

If that's the case and you could hook it onto the crossbar instead it might be a safer way to go, but just lacking the advertising visibility ;)

posted 22nd June 2015

Stevyn Colgan
 Stevyn Colgan says:

It must be sad that the green McDonald's packaging I've seen does have the hook arrangement; I think that the animated GIF was the designers' prototype. Interesting thoughts about the hanging of handlebars issue. It hadn't really occurred to me that any part of the packaging was near the wheels; the bottom-most part of the cup is about the same height as the tyres and of a shape unlikely to catch in spokes. But, I guess that sharp turns might push the items onto the wheel? I can't believe they haven't thought of that. But, then again, it's not uncommon for problems to be identified once live trials begin.

posted 23rd June 2015

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