Why Did The Policeman Cross the Road?

By Stevyn Colgan

Not so much police intelligence as intelligent policing

Thursday, 16 June 2016

June Update

Hello Shedders!

I can't begin to tell you how nice it is to finally see the book out in the shops AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS of course! YOU made it happen with your pledges. Be proud of yourselves. I'm proud of you certainly and hugely indebted. It's very tough for a non-celeb to get a toe-hold in the publishing world these days but, thanks to the philanthropy of people like Unbound subscribers, people like me can get our books out there.

I thought I'd use this shedpost to share a nice review of the book on the Monocle Magazine radio show this week (click on the little audio link button at the top of this shedpost). And also to mention my next Unbound book.

It's something of a change of direction for me as it's a novel. And it's a comedy.

It's an idea I've had for some time - a novel about a murder that happens in the middle of a murder mystery festival. Think Tom Sharpe meets Agatha Christie and you'll be in the right ball park.

As a fan of classic detective fiction and as an ex-cop, I became fascinated by the idea of throwing the two together and the comedy that would doubtless ensue from the clash of cultures; the romanticised view of crime versus the reality of crime. So you get the fiction fans trying to investigate the murder based on their knowledge of Marple, Poirot, Maigret et al, and the police doing their thing in tyically business-like, procedure-driven fashion. Chuck in the fact that almost everyone at the festival is dressed identically - victim witnesses and possible murderer - and you have a farce just dying to be written. And, dare I say it, it would make a very funny TV series or movie!

So I've written it! It's already 58% funded so you can still get in on the action if the idea takes your fancy. A Murder To Die For is up on the site and I'd be chuffed to bits if you'd consider helping to fund it, just as you so kindly did for Why Did The Policeman Cross The Road? Just click here!

What do you have to lose except the price of a bad Chinese meal? :D 

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