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A manual for revolution for a brave new world

A revolution?

The world of weed is changing fast. Cannabis is a remarkable plant with a bad rep, but that hasn’t always been the case. For most of the last 5,000 years human cultures across the world have used and celebrated it as a medicine and a euphoriant. It was only in the 20th century that cannabis was banned and its use criminalised, and its popular reputation reduced to that of a ‘gateway’ drug, the first step on the way to life of addiction and squandered promise.

Those days are over.

In 21st century the fortunes of cannabis have changed dramatically. Its beneficial use as a medicine, alopathic and alternative, has now been established beyond reasonable doubt. Seven US states have voted to legalise recreational use and whole countries including Israel, Spain, Uruguay, Jamaica, and the Czech Republic have legalised or decriminalised. More are poised to follow. The new world of weed is upon us.

Brave new weed

And what has happened? Not the plunge into drug-fuelled chaos as opponents of legalisation suggested. On the contrary in states like Colorado and Washington, where recreational use has been legal since 2012, an exciting new culture is emerging. Instead of ‘stoners’ there are now ‘cannabists’ and ‘cannassieurs’; instead of ‘dealers’ there are ‘budtenders’; instead of just smoking pot, people now bake, spray and vaporise an ever-expanding range of strains that deliver a much more complex range of effects than simply being ‘stoned’. Science is replacing myth, and without the threat of legal action, cannabis is being restored to its proper place as a way of extending and enriching human consciousness. And it’s about time!


The Whole Weed Catalog is the first comprehensive guide to this rapidly expanding new world. It is inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog, launched by the visionary biologist and writer Stewart Brand in 1968. His aim was to create a list of tools and equipment for the counter culture and it became a huge global bestseller, and an emblem for the environmental movement. The Whole Weed Catalog will do the same, but for weed.

High minded content and products

Like its illustrious predecessor, it will be a fat (352pp) design-statement of a catalogue, bursting with great content and ideas. Combining crowd-sourced information with reviews on strains, delivery systems, tools, products, inventions, books, techniques, medical applications, plus practical advice on how to use it to alter mood, relieve pain or enhance sex and intimacy, as well as all the latest weed science, the Whole Weed Catalog will bring the knowledge and joy of the global weed community together in one place for the first time.

We want to create a celebration, a handbook, and a consumer guide all rolled into one. As far as weed is concerned, (to quote Stewart Brand), ‘now anyone on Earth will be able to pick up a telephone and find out the complete information’.

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Joe Dolce is the former editor in chief of Details and Star magazines, and has written for New York Times, Gourmet, and Travel + Leisure. His book Brave New Weed was published in 2016 by HarperCollins and was called “loving rethink of all things marijuana” and “a trusted hitchhiker’s guide to this new universe.”

‘The ultimate ‘Just Say Yes!’ book. I got a contact high from reading it.’ JOHN WATERS

‘Dolce is our de Tocqueville for Weed 2.0.’ BRAD GOOCH (author of Smash Cut)

‘A delightful, even joyous book. A major brief in the fight for normalization and legalization.’ BARBARA EHRENREICH

‘A charming, honest look into pot’s past—and what that says about its future.’ Rolling Stone

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