Who Owns an Asteroid?

By Maki Naro and Matthew Francis

Where are all the aliens? Why can’t we teleport yet? What even is ʻOumuamua?

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Comic artist Maki Naro and writer Matthew Francis examine some of humanity’s biggest and most ridiculous questions in their eagerly anticipated debut comic collection, Who Owns an Asteroid? Comics on Science and Society. A beautifully printed, full-colour book crammed with gorgeous artwork on science, humour, scientists behaving badly, and everything in between.



Not the final cover art

The collection explores the farthest reaches of the cosmos, the importance of science, facts and how the political and social climate affects us all, while remaining firmly grounded in real science. These comics take us on a journey past cosmic driftwood and the search for alien life, to how teleportation is real and not at all like Star Trek would have us believe, all the way to what happens when physicists go bad and how science really is a political tool, no matter what certain people would like us to think. Oh and, of course, how vaccines work! (They really do).



You can read the full Who Owns an Asteroid? comic and more in the Extract tab below.

Who Owns an Asteroid? features exclusive, never-before-seen content as well as comics previously published on The Nib, Popular Science and Knowable alongside some of Maki and Matthew’s favourite comics updated with new research and illustrations. Topped and tailed with an insightful introduction by Maki Naro and Matthew Francis and your name in the back of the book in the supporters list. 



Meticulously researched and brilliantly written by Matthew Francis then brought to beautiful, hilarious life by the pen of acclaimed artist Maki Naro, Who Owns an Asteroid? is a must-have for any lover of science, space, the planet and, indeed, humankind.



About the Book

  • Royal Hardback (234 x 156mm)
  • Full Colour throughout
  • Approx. 192 pages
  • Amazing pledge levels including signed & sketched bookplates, an exclusive mug, postcards, and the one-off chance to pick a topic for Maki & Matthew with the finished comic published in the book!



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    Maki Naro

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    Matthew Francis

    Maki Naro is an award-winning feral cartoonist and illustrator. Since 2010, he has been producing a body of work which he would classify as, “fan art for science." His comics have appeared online in publications such as The Nib, Popular Science, and Knowable Magazine. His last self-published comic book was about the 18th-century practice of English aristocrats having actual hermits live on the grounds of their palatial estates.

    Matthew R. Francis is a physicist, science writer, and frequent wearer of jaunty hats. His articles have been published in Popular Science, Smithsonian Air & Space, Slate.com, and many others. He once taught college physics and astronomy, before deciding even freelance writing was better than academia. Otherwise, his judgment is relatively sound and his taste in comics is impeccable.

  • It looks like Maki Naro and Matthew Francis have not made any updates yet. Check back soon!

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