Where Epics Fail: Aphorisms on Art, Morality and Spirit

By Yahia Lababidi

Over 800 new aphorisms from "our greatest living aphorist.”

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Season Greetings & Some Updates

Good Day, Dear Friends  

Happy Spring to you & yours!  I hope this season of rebirth finds you in fine form and your own personal projects are blooming :)

Much has happened in the past six months (since my last update) with the book finding its way in the world.  Highlights included an invitation to participate at a literary festival in India, I’ve heard from a bookstore in Singapore which is stocking it, and received an honorable mention in The Guardian as well as this short-but-very-sweet review in Psychologies Magazine (UK) below, likening Where Epics Fail  to an "undiscovered Shakesepearean masterpiece" or "a new anthology of Rumi's Reflections"!!

More kind press, in just the past few days, has taken the form of a far-ranging, hour-long video interview, with a thoughtful gentleman in Russia, for his Intellectual Diversity Podcast — you can watch it, here:


As well as, the other day, a remarkably generous book review in a magazine that I deeply admire, World Literature Today:


While Lababidi shares a profound connection with the great Sufi mystics and their penchant for aphoristic writing, his voice is unique, deeply modern, and steeped with a warm sense of humor... Lababidi weaves his spiritual thread into the very fabric of contemporary life, extracting insightful lessons as much from airline travel and tourism as from ideas about the nature of art or God.

✨Where Epics Fail✨ is exactly the kind of book that could be picked up each morning and opened at random to provide the reader with a meditation for the day... remaining open to Lababidi’s shifting perspectives could indeed make Where Epics Fail a new mystic manual for our hectic lives


You can read the rest of this gracious WLT book review, here

I hope you might also consult your book copies from time to time and, if so, that they still keep you good company :) 

If, for some unimaginable reason, you have not yet received your copy of Epics, please, promptly drop Caitlin a line caitlin.harvey@unbound.intercom-mail.com as well as cc support@unbound.com

Thank you, for Being There, and may you be surrounded by Beauty, all ways, Yahia

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