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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

1st Book Review of "Where Epics Fail" in HuffPost =)

May 8: HuffPost are promoting 1st book review of *Where Epics Fail* in their books section! Read, here:


We did it, 100% of funding reached!

My book, Where Epics Fail, will be published, thanks to all 112 backers who made it possible!

What a ride, and what lessons along the way - primarily in humility and gratitude. Thank you, for teaching me how *active* readers/reading can be, as well as how collaborative! Thanks, to your will and desire, my dream will now be a reality. 

Many thanks, too, for all the warm and generous notes of encouragement I've received along the way; I cherish them.

I will make sure to keep you posted of further developments - press received, publishing developments and pledge rewards. My publishers, too, should be in touch with you, periodically.

May you be seen and helped in your own valuable life adventures as you have with mine and 'may this book be a ball of Light in your hands.'

Much Love, Yahia

PS - At this point, the book's webpage will remain up, until publication, should you wish to share the link with friends of yours who would like to pre-order limited hardcover editions of Where Epics Fail, and have their names in the book :) 

Your belief in my book and efforts on its behalf are very much appreciated!



"Do you know what an aphorism is? It’s not exactly a Haiku, a proverb, an axiom, nor a poem, yet it harnesses the power of all these. Aphorisms are an ancient form, but its current-day master is Yahia Lababidi.

Like a sip of wine, a wave just as it breaks, a sliver of the moon, or a drop of rain, each of Yahia’s aphorisms appear as simple, natural gestures, that in fact hold multitudes of meaning rooted in the eternal.

See for yourself what I mean in this video of his most recent book which he hopes to publish through an innovative crowd-sourcing publisher, Unbound, in partnership with Penguin Random House."

See Link:

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Publication date: Autumn 2018
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