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By Yahia Lababidi

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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Follow-up on Hardcover Books, Kindles & Update on Paperback Edition :)

Dear Subscribers, Readers & Friends:

I trust that in the past couple of months, the 400 or so of you who have pre-ordered a limited edition hardcover book or Kindle version have, by now, received your copies and I do hope you are enjoying them! 

If for some reason, you have not yet received your supporter copies, it's possible that you have to confirm your address in your account. Please, check for an email from Unbound asking you to do so. Otherwise, kindly email support@unbound.com to let them know.

Meantime, more Good News:  Where Epics Fail is, now, in stock, on Amazon as a paperback editionshould you care to gift a copy or, maybe, know of somebody who might be interested in a less pricey, but no less good-looking, version of the book :)

As you can see from the Amazon snapshot, below, these paperback beauties are priced at a very reasonable $14 :


Otherwise, if have enjoyed your copy of Epics, I'd really appreciate if you could leave a line on two on Amazon.com, sharing what you liked about the book, as that is a great way to get the word out! 

Big thanks as always, dear readers, for all your support _/|\_

Ever-grateful author, Yahia

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