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Wednesday, 27 June 2018


Dear Co-Partners-in-the-Dream, 'Epics' is Here :)

Just a little over one year after submitting my manuscript of 800 aphorisms, "Where Epics Fail", I received this exciting note from my editor, earlier today:

I'm delighted to let you know that an advance box of special editions of Where Epics Fail have landed in the office! I've attached a few photos though they really don't do the book justice – it's a beautiful package.

Thank You, Generous Subscribers--I, literally, could not have done this without you.  As I mentioned earlier, this was my first time crowdfunding a book; together, we raised around $16,000 in record time as my publishers told me: less than 2 weeks!

Thanks, too, for your admirable patience. Once the books are processed into the warehouse, they will start to be sent out to you within a couple weeks or so.

For, now, I wanted to share with you my overflowing joy and gratitude as well as these pictures of the healthy, good-looking newborn  :)

If you happen to know of friends or family members in search of inspirational, motivational or spiritual summer reading, I think they might enjoy an electronic or hardcopy of 'Epics'. Kindly, direct them to the book's webpage, below, where they can watch a stylish video trailer and read warm reviews to help them make up their minds:


Ever grateful for all your goodwill and support and, please, feel free to get in touch once your personal copies arrive _/|\_

(I hope the contents live up to the book cover :)

Cheers, Yahia 

NB — Even though this is not a "religious" book I, sincerely, wish that my work might help to soften hardened hearts or open closed minds, in these days of Islamophobic panic and xenophobia. 

As an artist, Muslim, and immigrant, I regard it as my personal mission to try to humanize demonized others—especially, in light of the US Supreme Court's disheartening support of Trump's travel ban. Despite these trying times, it remains my passionate belief that art and literature can reach and illuminate the human heart far better than politics or propaganda.  

For this reason, I would deeply appreciate if you might also share my book details with friends or family members whom you think could use some 'good news' from my part of the world. Peace, all ways.

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Athina Merkouris
Athina Merkouris says:

Congratulations Yahia, I am very much looking forward to your book. I wish you every great success, it looks wonderful.

Best wishes,


June 29, 2018

Yahia Lababidi
Yahia Lababidi says:

I appreciate the good cheer and kind wishes, dear Athina. I hope my book will make for good summer reading :)

Warmly, Yahia

June 30, 2018

Salma Adly
Salma Adly says:

Congratulations Yahia! The cover looks great! I'm so looking forward to receiving my copy soon:)

July 04, 2018

Yahia Lababidi
Yahia Lababidi says:

7abibti Salma, always happy to hear from you! Kattar kheirik for the warm encouragement! Just got my copies, minutes ago; hope yours arrives, soonest ♥️

July 06, 2018

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