Where Epics Fail: Aphorisms on Art, Morality and Spirit

By Yahia Lababidi

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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Book Cover and Publication Date, Finally!

Dear Friends,

I apologize for the very long wait (it’s also the longest I’ve had to wait for a book of mine)!  My hope is that, when you receive your subscriber copy, you will see why it took as long as it it did & appreciate the high quality of the book production.

Above, is a sneak peak of the book cover, clothbound & with gold foil (also, a first for me, of my 6 books, so far :)

Another Big Reveal is that we have a publication date in place: this July :) Which means, if you’re looking for summer reading, I’m happy to join you on the beach or wherever you might choose to vacation. (Send pictures, if you like, of where you take ‘Epics’ for a read).

Lastly, a short review that you might enjoy, until you have the actual book in your hands, soon: https://steemit.com/review/@naquoya/naquoya-s-book-reviews-or-where-epics-fail-yahia-lababidi

Many thanks, once again, for your heroic patience (Job would have been proud of you ;) I hope that 2018 is treating you and loved ones kindly, so far.

Much Love & Appreciation, Yahia


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Paul Archibald
 Paul Archibald says:

I don’t know what just happened but tears welled up as I read the review. For me, language is the true beauty of life and I can’t wait to read Epics.

posted 2nd May 2018

Yahia Lababidi
 Yahia Lababidi says:

What a remarkable response, Paul. Many thanks, for reading and your trust in sharing it. Tears are wordlessly eloquent and profound as a response to a work of art (Beauty/Language make me weep, too).

I hope my book will keep you good company and make you smile, as well.

With gratitude,


posted 2nd May 2018

Sawsan Lababidi-Dajani
 Sawsan Lababidi-Dajani says:

Yahia Habiby, I am SO proud of you . I cannot wait to acquire your latest genius book which I have ordered already several editions to keep in our library.
When people who have read your work ask me if I am related to you , I proudly tell them he is my nephew!!!!
Love you
Sawsan Lababidi Dajani

posted 3rd May 2018

Yahia Lababidi
 Yahia Lababidi says:

Bless your big heart, dear Auntie Sawsan!

I’m very proud of you, too, & inspired by your remarkable life of service as an educator. I’m also indebted for your lifelong support & lucky to call you family & friend. ❤️

I fondly recall the fateful day (a lifetime ago, it seems) when you printed all my essays and sent them, bound in a spiral book, to my workplace, in Egypt.

This was before I had published any books & you gave my dream form & helped me to actualize it, in later years.

It’s an honor for my books to be in your school library and available to young who will shape our future! ❤️

Also, I’m excited your aphorisms will be featured in my book and assure you that, I’m unbiased when I say, I consider them to be among finest ones there.

Big hug & kisses to you and your dear family. I love you all, Yahia

posted 4th May 2018

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