Where Epics Fail: Aphorisms on Art, Morality and Spirit

By Yahia Lababidi

Over 800 new aphorisms from "our greatest living aphorist.”

Friday, 16 June 2017

1st Review of "Epics" –in Cairo, Egypt– and it's a Rave!

"Lababidi's soon-to-be published aphorisms may prove to be the most relevant literature of our generation... His Egyptian upbringing exposed him to our timeless and pervasive 'amsal shaabiyya' (proverbs and sayings), which spurred his interest in a very social form of poetry and philosophy. It is well known that Arabs, and Egyptians especially, can be very clever with language...

Passed down from generations long ago and ever-present in our genetic memory, proverbs are an integral part of Egypt’s cultural inheritance. This is what first inspired Lababidi’s love for language, which began his journey as a man of letters...

If his words manage to capture enough of our imaginations and aspirations, we may just be able to heal our wounds and lift ourselves out of our current melancholy."

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