Where are the Fellows who Cut the Hay?

By Robert Ashton

The story of how almost forgotten trades and ways are being rediscovered in rural Britain today.

Thursday, 2 February 2023

Where would I be without you?

A TV programme written and narrated by the now late Ronald Blythe made me realise that that while authors life solitary lives, they can influence millions with the books they write. This prompted me to write about how life has changed for authors since Blythe made that programme. You can read it here.

But the Unbound author experience is very different, as without the support of readers, Unbound author's books would not get published. So I'm grateful for to you for your pledge, and now the book is 83% funded, can pretty confidently say you'll be reading your copy in a few months' time.

But while 83% funded is good, there is still 17% still to go. I've just added a new pledge level, for book clubs and other groups that might like me to speak to them, both about my book and also perhaps my experience in writing it. Do you know any groups that might support the book now, and in return add me to their 2024 programme?






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M m Barclay
 M m Barclay says:

Hi Robert,
Miranda Barclay here, churchwarden of St Peter's church, Blaxhall. I am thinking of ways to raise money both for the tower repair (est. £200,000)and your book. I wonder if the Flower festival (24/5 June) would be a good platform, or whether it would be suitable for a Book Launch?
Generally we have flowers and music in the church. Children's games and food in the churchyard.
Maybe a pooling of resources could help us both; and we are talking the "Blaxhall" after all!!!

posted 6th February 2023

Robert Ashton
 Robert Ashton says:


Thanks for getting in touch. The book won't go into production until it reaches 100% funded so won't be ready to launch at the Flower Festival. However I'd be happy to come and speak if that would help - and also have some experience of fundraising for places of worship (I secured £400k for buildings in Quaker ownership in Norwich).

I'm now living in Leiston, so let's meet for a coffee and see how best we can collaborate. (I also think it would be nice to get a blue plaque on to the old school house, where George Ewart Evans wrote 'Ask the Fellows.'

My email address is robert@robertashton.co.uk


posted 7th February 2023

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