Where are the Fellows who Cut the Hay?

By Robert Ashton

The story of how almost forgotten trades and ways are being rediscovered in rural Britain today.

Wednesday, 15 February 2023

Snape Maltings

As the book creeps ever closer to 100% funded, with some useful publicity planned over the next few weeks, I visited Snape Maltings with my film maker friend Peter, and together we've produced this update. 

Snape Maltings was a thriving business in the 19th century, then closed in the 1960s when larger maltings stole its competitive edge. As the business grew rocky, they became bad at paying for the barley they needed, and my father in law, who grew malting barley a few miles fron Snape, would take a load in with tractor and trailer, and not leave until he'd been paid in cash!

Today, the maltings is a thriving concert hall staging world class music. It's just one example in my book of how new uses are being found for old buildings. Let me know wha you think of the video, and please do share it.




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