Where are the Fellows who Cut the Hay?

By Robert Ashton

The story of how almost forgotten trades and ways are being rediscovered in rural Britain today.

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

I've been a little slow to say thank you

My book's crowdfunding campaign is slowly but surely creeping toward it's target and I'm really grateful to you for your support. I set out to write a book about George Ewart Evans, and quickly realised that just as important, was to highlight how people are bringing back almost forgotten ways as they strive to blend business success with environmental responsibility.

The book will appeal both to those with an interest in rural history, and to people looking for ideas that can help them live more sustainably. I've also had fun making a short film outside the cottage in Suffolk where George Ewart Evans wrote Ask the Fellows who Cut the Hay, helped by my friend Peter of Outhouse Filmworks.  Here's a link to the film.

All crowdfunding campaigns, including this one, only really succeed when people who have already supported, encourage others to pledge their support too. I'd be grateful if you could share a link to the book's Unbound page with people you know who might also find the book interesting.

Thanks again for your support so far, and in the future



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