Video didn't kill the radio star

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The great news is that When the Sun Rises has now reached 21% funded. A massive thanks to everyone who has pledged or helped to spread the word. I've had so many interesting conversations with people who idenitify with the issues raised in the book. I can't wait for the book to be published and in the shops ready to be read and passed onto other people!

Being someone who specialises in the written word, it was no surprise that it took me a while to get a promotional video up and running. My first effort was fun but the sound was too low my current effort uses less footage of me and is not quite so scary but I'll probably try to improve on that when I have some more time.

My first ever live radio interview turned out to be easier than filming the video! I was interviewed about When the Sun Rises and crowd funding publishing on BBC Wiltshire and the team there were wonderful at putting me at my ease. I was sitting in the studio with a huge, bright blue microphone right in front of my face with the presenter Rhiannon Fitz-Gerald grinning at me whenever I was being remotely entertaining. The whole experience was great fun, if a bit of a whirlwind. You are asked to arrive about 10 minutes before you go on air, you enter the studio during the song before your interview (Everyone's a Winner by Hot Chocolate - fantastic, positive song but it seemed to go on forever!), you do the interview and are back out on the street. You can listen to the interview here - it starts at 1:13:25

I'm planning loads more exciting collaborations and events - I hope to be sharing these on the next updates.

Thanks again for joining me on my Unbound journey, do reach out with any questions or ideas, it's fantastic to hear from everyone.

Have fun


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