When Grief Equals Love

By Lizzie Pickering

Long-term Perspectives on Living with Loss

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Forthcoming Events for 'When Grief Equals Love'.

Hi everyone, 

As publication day approaches (May 11th) I have some exciting events in the diary for which I am so grateful.    Many are for corporate clients around the book launch (please get in touch via my website lizziepickering.com  if you would like to do an event on grief and change in the workplace for your company), and also some really lovely book shop and festival events which are listed below.  

April 28th, 6pm, Chipping Norton Literary Festival, The Town Hall tickets available here:  ChipLitFest
May 14th Sevenoaks Book Shop (2pm) details will be live soon on their website and books to pre-order: Sevenoaks
May 16th The Grief Gang (on Patreon) Workshop (7pm online event) The Grief Gang
May 17th Soho Farmhouse (Members' event) 10am Supporting Each other through Grief and Change workshop.
May 28th Hay Festival, chairing a panel for Celebration Day. Tickets here: Hay Tickets
June 29th Jaffe and Neale Book Shop Chipping Norton 7pm  Jaffe & Neale
July 13th Blackwells Book Shop, Broad Street, Oxford 7pm. Blackwells

I would love to see you at any of those events - and thank you as always for your support. 

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