When Grief Equals Love

By Lizzie Pickering

Long-term Perspectives on Living with Loss

Wednesday, 11 January 2023

Audio-book recording complete!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I completed recording the audio book of When Grief Equals Love and, once the first day's nerves had dissipated, I really settled into and enjoyed the process.  Mainly because when editing or proofreading this summer, I have been focusing on picking up any mistakes or typos, with the audio, concentration is entirely on the meaning and getting the correct intonation, so it proved to be a real joy to read it in that way.   I particularly loved reading the 23 interviews and their long-term perspectives on grief.  I think they will be very useful for people either supporting someone through loss, or going through it themselves.   I am lucky to have a very wise grief tribe! 

I would like to thank sound supremo Ian Cozier - and Rob and Ann Burchell, owners of The Hall Post Production in Chipping Norton, we are so very lucky to have this incredible post-production facility on our doorstep. 

The Hall Website

In other news, pre-release date (11th May) I will be taking part in ChipLitFest - on Friday 28th April 6-7pm.  I will let you know when tickets go on sale.  ChipLitFest

Thank you as always for your support, Lizzie 

To contact me for Grief Guidance (in person or on Zoom) please message me via www.lizziepickering.com 






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