What Makes A Mum?: My Story From Fostered to Adopter

By notafictionalmum NFM

A brutally honest painfully funny story of resilience & hope in an agonising pursuit to motherhood.

Wednesday, 14 December 2022

Tis the season to pledge

Ok, this is it I (publically) set myself a target of reaching 50% by Christmas eve. *Note to self moving in to 2023; Really need to both stop setting myself mammouth targets and publisizing them. 

Anyhoo ho ho . . . Here we are and knowing this project already has 279 of you behind it makes me feel very loved and belived in so, I just wanted to share that magic I feel from you all in saying thank you once more. 

I do have a festive ask ,with just 11 days to go until we start leaving a stranger mince pies and carrots. I was hoping you may share the link to my book again for one final December round Robin . . . .

I'm keeping this update brief 

Before Yule all start to wish there were more of these cracking jokes 

Lots of love 


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Suzy Levy
 Suzy Levy says:

Keep going NFM !

In my experience those targets are daunting (especially with all the other fullness of life!).

Crowdfunding, writing a book on top of it all can be immense. You got this.


posted 16th December 2022

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