What Makes A Mum?: My Story From Fostered to Adopter

By notafictionalmum NFM

A brutally honest painfully funny story of resilience & hope in an agonising pursuit to motherhood.

Thursday, 9 March 2023

Shout out to My Ex . . . Local authority



It's been a while since I took to the keys and updated you all on this crazy but what's proving to be a wonderfully supported book journey! I'm vastly working towards the first draft deadline and blame my local coffee shop for the newly aquired taste I now have for dark choclate covered ginger dunkers. My cat still doesnt speak to me despite the deadline pressure I'm under however, I do have some positve news! My ex . . .Local authoity have recently pledged to support the book in return for an author talk. 

Writing this book has taken me on quite possibly the biggest personal journey of my life (so far). Returning to the local authority who acted as my temporary coroprate parents (HATE that phase) many, many years after I had no choice but to rely on them will be be both triggering no doubt but poinient. It's important, the topics I've been so passionate about writing are of the upmost importance and so, to have the support and recognition of that from my ex LA fills me with hope you know. 

Hope for better 

Hope that we can all do better because there is an entire social care system out there that must strive to do only that. 


So can I ask all of you, my top notch supporters to continue spreading the word on the book funding still needed. Please continue to share to social media, tell your friends or colleagues over coffee (just don't start on the dunkers.)  In particular any companies/organisation or local authority who would like one of the four author talks left because once I face into this one, I don't think I'm going to want to stop. 


Yours with so much thanks and inclusivity 

Notafictionalmum XxX

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