What Makes A Mum?: My Story From Fostered to Adopter

By notafictionalmum NFM

A brutally honest painfully funny story of resilience & hope in an agonising pursuit to motherhood.

Wednesday, 9 November 2022

On world adoption day . . .

Well, you guys are (and at the risk of plagiarizing anothers work;) Simply the best. Really you are!  I can't quite belive after my social media disapperaing act during launch week  due to loosing both my big girl pants and all self-belief that my book has reached 31 % of its funding target with a beautiful 228 backers. So, YOU really are the best. There still feels like such a way to go and I would be lying if I said I wouldnt love for this to be funded by lunchtime today. However the backup plan that celebratory panini is my personal goal of reaching 50% by chritmas eve. If I can ask for your continued suppoprt in sharing across the virtual globe, it really would be so appreciated. 

I've also returned from my meeting in Westminster last week in support of the self-employed adopters campign I have been running. Another stark reminder of why it is I go by the name of notafictionalmum and just how topical and important I believe this book to be. In supporting my work you really have played a part in something much bigger and for that, it is on today,  world adoption day I wanted to come on here and thank you. 

Yours sincerely and inclusively 






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