What If The Queen Should Die?

By John-Paul Flintoff

A literary-historical adventure, based on the true story of Britain's most tragic queen

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Thank you

I'm incredibly lucky to have your support for my book. You've taken a risk on my book, and in doing so you are helping to make something possible that I care about very VERY much. As we go into the holiday season, I just want to say thank you.


I'm always happy to hear your ideas about how I might be better at crowd-funding, which is a very public way of learning as you go along, and even your ideas about the book itself - my own ideas for it have changed as a direct result of my engagement with you.

I should mention to you that Unbound have announced a special Christmas offer of £10 off any book project. (Just type XMAS14 at the checkout.)

You might want to use that to increase your pledge to a higher level, or you might want to support another Unbound book. (Can I recommend my friend Hillary Gallo's The Power of Soft?) 

If you are struggling to think of Christmas presents, perhaps you might pledge support to a book on behalf of a somebody else, who will get their name printed in the back of every copy. Or perhaps you might just tell others about the discount - a key part of this process is having people spread the word, and I'm HUGELY grateful to you for doing that already.

Thank you, and have a lovely holiday.

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